The Dead-End Mission

A team goes into a zombie infested building... will they all succeed in their mission? Or will they perish with the monsters they are meant to fight?

    Crashing sounds enclosed them and a quick look around signalled some unwanted company. They were surrounded.  Melissa Harp, who was head leader, second to the sergeant, looked at her fellow soldiers and thought how cruel fate had been.  Jonathan Jones (Jon for short), a young cadet, was merely nineteen and had been sent to PTI (Protection of Technology Industries)  by his family three years prior, to serve his country. At least that was his story on his documents. Rose Patterson, second officer of the current mission, stood looking all around, her blue eyes hidden behind the translucent yellow goggles. Her story was slightly different than what Melissa had been used to. Rose, apparently, had grown up with an abusive mother who had constantly threatened her life as a child. In the admission papers that Melissa had read for Rose, it stated that at the ripe age of sixteen Rose had taken the extra step in killing her own mother, stating it was self defence. She was now one of the most dangerous twenty- four year olds in PTI. Finally Melissa’s thoughts fell upon Jordan Meyers. Her lead officer and her idol. Being in his late forties didn’t affect his ability to kick ass when the time came to it. He was one of the oldest sergeants and one of the best. Melissa watched her back and at the same time memories came flooding back to her as they usually do in such situations. She thought back to her eighteenth birthday when she had decided upon taking a role in PTI. She thought about her four year old daughter Cassidy. Her husband Robert. Her family. 
Don’t be ridiculous. This isn’t so bad. You’ve been in worse before.
    She tried to listen to these thoughts while she focused on looking around at the drooling mouths of the walking un-dead that were closing in on them.

The End

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