The Bounty hunter

"i told ya'll to shut yer trap human scum..!"

in the low light of the camp fire a man dressed in filthy rags limped over his newly caught bounty. it was the third one this week and the pay was good, making a living by selling humans was always a profitable business. healthy ones sold about two hundred dollars and the desirable ones sold up five hundred. not bad for a zombie trying to make a living in these unforgiving lands. 

"what this....?"

Distance gunshots that echoed in the morning skies caught his attention, they originated  from the Dead River. sniffing the cold morning air he caught the horrid scent in the wind " Goddam blood suckers..". grabbing his rifle he knew if  bloodsuckers were present that there had to be trouble. 

"we got you now girl theres no escape " 

Dale and the native girl were trapped between two bloodsucking bandits and a raging river. there was two out comes , die by the hands of the bandits or risk drowning in the relentless river.  " you been giving us a ton trouble girl, why don't you give up and we'll promise to kill ya slowly." drool trickled from the bandits lips, they were eager for the kill. " i'll love to get a taste of that smooth tan skin delicious....".


To her surprise the bandits fell limply from their saddles, a few feet away a man held the smoking gun. " i see your in a little pickle ms ". this wasn't just a man it was a dead man. " my name is Bill The Zombie , at your service miss" he tipped his hat to the native girl. bill rode on a old cart which was pulled by two black horses. as he walked closer to dale, bill's features were clearly revealed. the strange man had long grimy hair, an eye patch on his left eye and a nasty scar that spread across his neck. " nice yes very nice....oh excuse me miss i was just admiring your beauty. your a pretty young thang aren't ya. i wondering why such a pretty girl such as yourself is Being chased by crazy bloodsuckers!"

"i am called  chepi from the sioux tribe"

the cold breeze brought an uneasy felling to chepi, this man who called himself bill the zombie had a putrid stench about him. " well chepi, i was headed down to the nearest town, would you like me me to escort you there..?" chepi hesitated, " i cannot i must return this horse to the man who help me escape from these monsters". bill laughed at chepi's response." thats were wrong don't have a choice on the matter. you will come with me even if i have to use force." he pointed a revoler at chepi's face ," now would you kindly get off the horse...".

"thats a good girl, slowly now i don't want to shoot ya". bill pulled chepi by her arm with the gun pointed at her head. " oh yes you will fetch a mighty fine price he he and i know the perfect buyer for you pretty thang. bill roughly hogtied chepi  on the ground and placed her at the back of his cart." im sorry miss its only business but i promise to find a good home he he he...". the cart slowly creaked away leaving dale standing alone by the river. 


"Dam they really did a number on me.."Buck Wood followed the trail that was left behind by dale and the bloodsucking bandits. the sun was high in the blue sky, its hard to imagine that only a few hours ago that he was on the run with a beautiful native american girl, now he had no idea if there were dead or alive. "what the hell.?" arriving at the river bank three horse were grazing on the tall grass, dale was one of them, and two dead bodies sprawled on the ground. buck looked around the river bank to see if the native girl was in hiding but she was no were to be found. 

"interesting ...." he examined the soft soil of the riverbank it appeared that a cart went by here. the trail of the cart led down the riverbank, so maybe she is still alive. "dam where could she have gone but that don't matter anymore boy. our little adventure is over now over no need to risk our life's anymore it was good run". he leaned on his trusty steed, dale, his wounds hurt like hell and he was very hungry. they both rode off to the town that was close by.


" it won't be long miss just wait here he he.." 

Bill the zombie step from his cart and entered the Hangman's saloon. he searched through the smoked filled air and spotted the person he was looking for. a table full of pale white gentlemen causally played poker," ah mr. Ravenwood just the man i was looking for....gentlemen" bill tipped his hat to the men sitting around the table. " what brings your filthy face around here zombie.." growled Ravenwood. " please no need for that mr. Ravenwood i'm here for business, i have quite the catch today, a native american girl ...." Ravenwood raised his thin eyebrow and lowered his glass" show me".

"you weren't lying bounty hunter she is beautiful". Mr. Ravenwood and bill stood behind the cart where chepi was hogtied. " yes she say's from sioux tribe  and she calls herself chepo or cheapa. now mr. ravenwood let's discuss the price, since she is very rare and extremely valuable my final price is one thousand dollars. " ravenwood eyed bill suspiciously " that's a little steep zombie are you trying to rob me from my money!". 

"Mr. Ravenwood just ask yourself i can snatch any white girl from the street but getting a native american girl now that is special"

"true true...she does have amazing seductive tanned skin". ravenwood ran his hand down chepi's smooth slender leg. chepi trembled by the mans cold touch it was like numbing ice, that man was a bloodsucker and that is one touch she will never forget.

"just imagine the vile and indecent things you could do to that girl, make her your slave. your wife would love to enjoy her also what do you say mr. Ravenwood..?"

Ravenwood thought on it for a moment," you have a deal zombie pleasure doing business with you".

"the pleasure was all mine until we meet again mr. Ravenwood he he..".  

The End

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