Dead On the High River

The vast blue skies were slowly fading to darkness, a cold breeze swept throughout the dusty desolate valley leaving an intense feeling of dread. Buck Wood held his winchester rifle tightly in hand, he knew the dangerous of riding out in the dead of night." its okay boy don't worry..." Buck patted his trusty brown- haired mustang, dale, they both been through hell and worse but each encounter was still frighting especially if your enemy is a blood sucking bandit.

" you remember the good old days boy, when the world was alright. no plague, no blood sucking freaks....yea those were the days" buck sat by the crackling fire, its warmth brought little comfort, he knew that one of those blood sucking monsters could be lurking in the shadows. buck reminisced on old times, they brought back painful but humbling memories. the time when he was just a innocent child before the world went to hell, running through the vast green fields were the horses ran free, when he spent the last moments with his mother and the tribe. Buck held a eagle feather necklace in his hand, it was the last remnant of his mother before his father took him away from every thing he loved. his father was a white man that an affair with a beautiful native american woman, that false love was never to last, it was doomed before it even began. after he left with his father thats when the world went to hell.

the late hours of the night dragged on, the fire was reduced to embers, sleep was taking a heavy toll on buck but he was determined to make it through the night. his rest was disturbed by a rustle in the dense brush, dale lifted his head also sensing the incoming danger. grabbing his winchester rifle buck scrambled from the damp ground and held his gun at the ready. the sound of snapping twigs came closer and closer until a figure appeared in the low light of the fire. it was a girl but not just any girl it was a native, sweat dripped down her beautiful tanned panic stricken face, it was obvious that she was on the run. it appeared that she was assaulted by the indication by her ripped and torn clothing, there eyes meet and buck lowered his weapon. their encounter was interrupted by wild gunshots in the distance, the voices of men was getting closer to there location. 

"its okay, come with me .." buck offered his hand to the native girl, she hesitated for moment unsure to trust a man she just met. the sound of the her pursuers were dangerously close, she took bucks hand and was lifted onto the saddle. the three of them rode from the camp fire and into the night. dale pounded the dusty trail through the desolate land, the sound of hoofs was heard behind them."yeeehaaaw let's get em boys !" glowing red eyes pierced the darkness, bloodsuckers, buck urged dale to go faster. he had to out run them or kill them off, Buck didn't come this far to be killed by a bunch of blood sucking bandits." hold on.." Buck aimed his rifle at one bandits, it was hard to take aim when the cold air whipped across his face. dale race across open grass plains with blazing speed causing his pursuers to lag behind. a gunfight ensued on horse back, stray bullets whizzed dangerously close by, buck could sense them inches away from his head. the blood suckers shot wildly eager to kill their prey.

the morning dawn broke through the dark skies, bringing much need light to the land. "you can out run us ! give up and we promise to kill ya slowly and painfully hehe.." the bandits were revealed in the morning light, the faces were pale as death and their eyes red as blood, they snarled their canine teeth at Buck. in this situation anyone would have been scared out of their mind but for Buck he was calm and collected, he fought these monsters many time before, the only thing in his mind was to survive. on the other hand the native girl was frightened beyond belief, she held tightly onto buck and prayed for this horrendous ordeal to end. dale was unfazed as he continued to run like the wind, this was like a walk in the park for him, being chased by blood sucking bandits was his thing. there  was only four bandits left but they didn't let up, to bucks surprise dale was slowing down.

then he saw a raging river a few miles ahead, " don't slow down boy, we can make it through the river just keep going!". one of the bandits leaped from his horse with unnatural strength but he was shot down by bucks rifle. the sound of the raging river was getting closer. another bandit leaped from his horse and grabbed onto bucks duster pulling him down to the hard dusty ground. they both rolled and rolled with battered speed until they painfully came to a halt. dale continued to run with the other two bandits still hot on his tail. " no you don't boy!" the bandit jumped onto buck, snapping his fangs at his neck. " get off you freak!" buck struggled with the bloodsucker and threw him off. Buck grabbed his hunting knife from his waist and plunged it into the bandits chest, stabbing him repeating until he stopped moving. Buck wiped the blood from his face and looked into the distance, there was a cloud of dust, he had to get back to his horse.

The End

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