As long as Will could remember, he'd been able to see ghosts. There was the ghost of that boy in the park, his dead grandmother reading him bedtime stories, and even famous celebrities. Mostly, shades stayed near to the place they lived and died, especially died, so the celebrity thing wasn't quite so common. 

One day, though, when he'd been about thirteen, he had been hanging out with friends and had seen one of his favorite actors. "Look," he'd shouted. His friends looked where he was pointing and said they didn't see anything. Will told them what he saw.

One friend, Abegail, said, "Didn't you hear on the radio? He died last night due to a drug overdose."

That was the last time Will had told anyone about his visions. At least, anyone alive. There was a girl in his house who had been killed thirty years ago after seeing her entire family brutally murdered. Because of this, she had a perpetual frightened expression on her face. Her name was Amelia and she was Will's closest friend.

The End

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