Katie was just your average girl and she was nothing exceptional. She was eighteen now although she still lived at home with her parents. Katie had long blonde hair that was pinned in a pony tail behind her back and sparkling blue eyes. She wasn't stunning to look at or anything; she was just average. Why did this happen to her?

She stopped running and started to think that maybe it was just her imagination playing tricks. Afterall, ghosts just didn't exist right? She was a logical person but even she didn't have an explanation for the thing that had tapped her on the shoulder.

Katie shivered as she remembered those holes she had stared into where eyes should have been. That neck, so twisted and distorted, the mist surrounding it. Chills crawled up and down her spine as she felt once more the chill of the touch.

No, no, ghosts just did not exist it was just a trick of the light. Katie smiled thinking someone who had tapped her shoulder had been left wondering what had happened.

Katie shruged the incident off and continued her short walk home knowing she would tell nobody what had gone on that night.

The End

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