The Dead May Live Again

            “But I don’t understand.  Who are you?”

            “We are the dead.”

            “The dead?”

            “Yes.  We are dead to the world we once knew, as you have now become.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “You once were a great lady.  Not so long ago, in fact.  And now, you are no one.  You are dead to your families.  Dead to the life you knew.  You will never know that life again.”

            “How do you know that?  Something might change.”

            “No.  Look around you.  These men have lived this way for tens of years.  They will never return to their lives.  Never.  And neither will you.”

            “I disagree,” spoke a new voice.  A younger man stepped forward as the others made room for him.  His stance, like many of the others was calm and regal, and he had an air of authority about him.  “There is always hope.  No, things will never be the same.  But there is always hope for the future, and we must live in the present and proclaim that hope.  Because without it there is nothing.  Nothing and ‘never’.  But with it, we can change the future.  With it, we can change the ‘never’ to a possibility.”

            There was a murmur of approval to his little speech, and his words and voice brought comfort and hope to Nariana.  Not only that, but his face as he stepped into the dim light of a torch, brought her a shock of recognition and surprise.

            “You are Lord Gwalfare!” she exclaimed, not able to keep the shock and wonder out of her voice.  “But they said you were dead.”

            “Now you begin to understand.  We are the dead.”

The End

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