Chapter 2

I woke up soon the next day, got ready and went to the next lane just to find that the lonely house I had seen from so many years had turned into a graveyard. I was so shocked, so puzzled or may be I just can't explain it in words. I went to a half asleep and half awaken security guard over there and asked him, " Excuse me Sir. Wasn't here a lonely house, right here? " The guard annoyingly replied, " Are you mad, young child? I've been doing my job, sitting here sincerely for 30 years. " Little scared, I asked him, " Do you know any girl named Sheela? " The guard replied, " Oh yes I do. She was very pretty amd an all-rounder. Well....she died 10 years ago. " I started to stammer, " B..B..But we met just yesterday under t..t..t..that B..Banyan tree."  " Oh, again the same old story... " sighed the guard, " many people believe that they have seen the ghost of Sheela and... " I (was perplexed) interrupted him and said, " Could you please lead me to her grave? " the guard replied," Why not? come with me. " I reached the grave and put the pendant on it. Then I heard a sudden faint voice, " Thanks. I was desperately searching for it. " It was really spooky and I just ran back  home, thinking that may be the guard had heard it too. On my way back home, I kept thinking, Were so many years not enough for me to know that  the next lane was a graveyard? Or was it just an illusion?  

The End

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