The Dead Girl

.............was it just an illusion?

It was usually at dusk that I had a walk in my garden, everyday. I saw that a girl was sitting under a banyan tree and had been a crying shame. I asked her,  " What happened ? and where do you live? " The girl replied, " father met with an accident today, and I the next lane " I doubted her and asked, " But there's only one house in the next lane and no one lives in it. Tell me the truth. " The girl sobbed and replied, " I am saying the truth. That's my house. " I somehow consoled her and said, " Okay. Come, I'll leave you to your house. " The girl was scared stiff and said, " No, no. I'll go myself " By the time I could ask her, her name, she was off. I saw that there under the tree, where we had a conversation minutes ago, lay a silver pendant, with a name carved on it -             ' Sheela '. And may be it was that sobbing girl. I thought of returning it the next day as it had gone dark now.I slept off that night. 

The End

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