John - chapter 16Mature

The boat moved at an excruciatingly slow pace, the still visible land barely appearing to move at all. But every night we were assured by jayy we moved at a good speed, sometimes even helped by a strong wind.

I had no patience for it, sitting on the roof of the boat, dangling my feet. If i wasn't doing that, i was sitting at the back of the boat dangling my feet. Day after day mingled into one, the new clothes everyone found, stiffened and scratchy as soon as people decided to wash them in the salt water. 

There was few things to be found to do but watch the water, the land or the group. Jayden seemed to be teaching Lewis something about the boat every other minute, harry sitting on his bed meditating as was the norm, Pete and the rest swimming in the water whenever they got the chance. On the third night, as Lewis was at the wheel and land was getting a little close for comfort, a flock of birds swept up from a tree and flew south.
"fourth flock we've seen fly away." said harry "there is a storm coming, a bad one." Jayy had snuck up on us "Time to get Lewis to steer away from that land, otherwise we will end up on it." With that he walked past us. 

"pretty grim." i said to harry, but he just walked away.

The End

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