Harry Chapter 14Mature

First thing we had done as soon as we were clear of the mainland was start to search the boat for anything useful. Jayden, John and Micheala had already searched the vessel for food, but not much else. As we started to search the boat for anything else of use when we heard Lewis cry out. A handful of us went running down into the belly of the Catamaran to find him searching through a large closet filled to the breaking point with clothes. Jayden and I both re-sheathed our machetes. Jayden leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, bumping the back of his head a few times. I just tried not to laugh, and then pushed my way into the small room to have a look at what Lewis had found. My eyes immediately jumped to a brown, leather trench coat. I pulled it down from a shelf and let it unfold itself in my hands. It was maybe a size to big for me, which was saying something about the owner. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a red T-shirt before everyone else could start laying claim to the items of clothing.

I went looking through the lower decks for a room that had yet to be occupied, but every room I found had bags or people in it. Some of them were asking what the shouting had been about, I just told them that Lewis had found a wardrobe of clothes and it sent most of them running to go and see for themselves. All the rooms had been taken by the time I got to the last one and knocked. There was the sound of scuffling on the other side and I turned to leave. Heading for the bathroom I ran into Jayden, “Still think you can drive this thing?” I asked. “I’ll need a bit of help here and there, but ya, I can drive this thing.” he answered back, holding a stack of new clothes himself.

I found the bathroom and locked the door behind me, stripped out of my clothes and armour and put on the new ones. My armour went under the coat, my machete and gun were both well concealed under it as well. I checked that I still had all my knives and looked at my hands. They had been stained brown by my gloves, almost as if they had been washed in it, I pulled them back on and left the small room, heading towards the back of the Catamaran.

When I came up onto the deck Jayden was at the wheel steering the craft in whatever direction it was that we needed to go. “We all good here?” I asked him as I came up beside him.

“Ya, we should be coming up on Sydney harbour in a week or so.” He said, looking over the deck and changed our course by a few degrees. “Talked to Micheala?” he asked.

“I know what you’re going to say, and no it won’t work.”

“It’s the end of the world mate. Anything can happen.”

“Not to me.” I left the deck and went back below looking for the lounge to kick up my feet and get some rest.[[[[[[

The End

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