John - chapter 15Mature

Sitting on our heels, Michaela, Jayden and I sat and planned an entry to the local supermarket. This had been going on for a good half hour now, and we still couldn't make heads or tails of the situation.

Dead people were milling around in the deserted parking lot, slightly attracted to the merest non-natural noise, signs groaning in the wind, doors creaking. Thinking on this for a second, an idea popped into my head

"Stay here until my signal, then get in there quickly, i will meet you just behind the doors."
And with that, i moved away, bent over to make myself as small as possible. 
A few minutes and many close calls later, and i found myself with a trolley just beyond my reach. A wave of suicidal rashness took over me and i yanked the trolley down the small incline of the parking lot. As the trolley rattled and banged it's way down the hill, the dead stopped shambling and slowly turned to face the origin of the sound. Just as all attention was on the trolley, it slammed into the side of a car, although thankfully there was no alarm set off. 

Slowly, the dead began to move, first a few here and there starting to limp their way over, quickly turning into a full jog at the sound, all the bodies intent on a feed. The diversion would only give the other two a few seconds to make the long run into the supermarket. Already the dead had reached the car and were fighting for the non-existant feed. Thinking quickly, i not-so-thoughtfully ran over to the side of the carpark, a slight gap opening between two buildings. "Hey, you fuckers!" Before i could even stop myself, the dead had heard. 'oh shit' i thought as i ran down the tiny alley, 'but at least i gave a signal.'

The End

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