Harry Chapter 13Mature

I had gone off by myself to gather fire wood, wandering the nearby clutch of trees more to get away from the rest than to actually do anything. I had the small black plastic  bag my dad had given me and was wondering if I should open it, but then he had said not to until I reached a place controlled by the military.

 The rest had watched as Jayden, John and Michaela had left to go and get us a boat, when they returned we were to get everything packed and leave as soon as possible, so when I heard the scream I knew it wasn’t them. I had dropped everything I had been carrying and sprinted back towards the camp. When I arrived a fight had sprung up between Pete and Lewis. They were scrambling around in the dirt trying to get at each other, Felicity was trying to tear Pete off of Lewis shouting “Stop, stop!” the others were crowding around, just watching. I pushed my way through to intervene, no one stopped me. I grabbed one of Pete’s arms with my good one as he was about to smash it into Lewis’s face and yanked him away, he tried to get past me to get back at Lewis so I punched him in the stomach, sending him gasping to the ground. Lewis seeing a chance to get Pete scuttled forwards, as he passed I jacked him in the ribs, picked him up and tossed him to land at Felicity’s feet.

“What, the FUCK is going on?” I shouted, ‘only when Jay and John leave’ I thought. No one seemed to want to offer anything on what had happened, and Pete and Lewis were still incapacitated on the ground. We were all tired and hungry, but it wasn’t bad enough for fighting to break out yet, or was it? I hadn’t really thought of it since after we had run in with the other group, but then tempers were high and the fact that the dead were still coming for us didn’t help.

The End

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