John - chapter 14Mature

Everyone was quickly becoming more and more unhappy. 'a nice bit of fun should fix that' i thought to myself, although how would we have fun? survival now had become more than a game.

My old self was slowly coming back, playful, stupid and down right annoying. Jumping in the car for the first time the other day had done it, the sound of the engine and being able to travel where i wanted, when i wanted at speed had me gripped tight. 
Jumping in the car for just the fourth time, i felt my heart thudding familiarly as the excitement of driving hit me. "Come on john, just get the boat and get us outta here" that was harry again, not at all happy about being left alone, even with his injury. 

All bundled in the car, we finally set off. Driving down to the town. The camp was set up about an hours drive out of town, a safe distance from any corpses. 
A few minutes into the drive, i felt something digging into my leg. Fishing around in my pocket, while trying to keep most of my attention on the road, i pulled out my old ipod. The new world had been so all consuming, i had forgotten even my oldest friend, music. Looking at the car, i found a now unused ipod cord and plugged it in. Scrolling through my music, remembering what a whacky mix i had, Jayden sitting next to me made a noise and grabbed the wheel. Looking up, i saw half a rotting body passing just to my side, where i would have hit it. 

Grabbing the wheel for myself again, i tapped a song and it began to play, an annoying, repetitive NYAN song. "seriously john? here we are in the apocalypse, and haven't had music for weeks, and you play the NYAN cat song" Jayden again, apparently my old self had come back in force. Changing the song to one of the group favourites, everyone in the car began to enjoy themselves, despite the horrors just outside the car. 

An hour or so later, and we came up to the edge of the town. We had only been travelling slowly, to deal with all the litter on the road. Seeing houses and other buildings, i think reminded us all of home. Of the day our lives all changed. 
Houses burnt down, cars flipped over, bits of brick from walls and pavement flung everywhere. Yet no people. 
Continuing the drive, we passed a pram, covered in blood. Looking away, i felt disgust broiling its way through my guts. The streets were still empty, something had happened, drawn all the corpses off somewhere. And as we rounded the next corner, we found out. 

Someone had strapped a radio to a flag on a large flag pole in the town park. Winding down a window a fraction, i heard static blaring out throughout the town, the buildings bouncing the sound around the town. As the car rolled down the street, a hundred dead eyes turned our way in unison, with many joining them every second. 
My heart beating out of my chest, not in a good way, i put the foot down and sped up, disappearing behind a building just as the corpses took chase.

The End

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