Harry Chapter 12Mature

I awoke with a start, my blood was pounding and my arm hurt in a now familiar way. The camp we had set up was small; most of the equipment was still packed away in the cars, in case we had to make a quick exit. I climbed out of my sleeping bag and went outside to see what was happening, but as usual I had awoken far too early in the morning for there to be any real activity.
I went over to the fire that was surrounded by tents to sit down by John who was keeping watch. I nodded to him in greeting and he gave me a grunt and nod in return. “So we going into town when the rest have gotten up?” I asked.
John gave out a grunting chuckle, “We are going into town. You and the rest are staying here.”
I gave him a dark sidelong look, “I’m coming with you guys whether you like it or not.”
“Harry we’ve already talked about this, you’re not coming, your too,”
But I stopped him mid sentence, “Because I’m too weak with one arm that we all know is still stronger than any of yours.” I gave a brief pause, and before he could say anything I continued, “The real reason you don’t want me there is that to keep the camp safe and people in line, well if you haven’t noticed whether or not I’m here things still seem to go to hell either way and it’s still plainly obvious that none of the rest of them want me around, except maybe Jayden and Michaela.”
“It’s not that they don’t like you Harry it’s that they don’t,” he searched for a word, but I knew what he was going to say.
“They don’t trust me to take care of them and not stab them in the back.”
“Well, yes.” Johns shoulders sunk, “Harry let’s face it, your weren’t exactly the best type of conversationalist at school and you kind got people scared when you talked about knives and things like that.”
“Ya, and that’s why I never used to hang out with you guys very often, I knew there was no point to it.” I used a stick to poke the fire around a bit, “Probably one of the reasons I never got a girl either, but then never really found one for me.”
John gave me a side long look and a smug smile, “Well you seemed to like Ellen a lot back then.”
I knew it was jibe, but thankfully I had grown almost completely immune to them, “Yes well that was years ago, and as they say, history.” I threw my stick into the fire and got up, “I’m going for a walk. I’ll yell if I need anyone to come and rescue me.” I made my past the cars and back towards where we had come from, thinking.

The End

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