Jayden- Chapter 14Mature

"You really should keep a better hold on this." I said, as I slid Johns gun back over to him, moving my recently acquired rifle away from his head, inwardly sighing a breath of relief.

I let out a short breath, as I caught sight of two guys slamming the limp, but still struggling figure of Lewis up against one of the yards tree's. I didn't see the faces of his assailants, and I was glad that I didn't, as I raised the Hunting Rifle up and took aim.

Within seconds, Lewis dropped to his knees as the arms holding up fell away. I sprinted across the yard to his slouched figure, he seemed to be in a daze, fading in and out of sleep. Slapping him hard across the face seemed to bring some life back into him.

I shouted for him to get some cover, and he seemed to understand as he scrambled away from me. I watched for a few seconds as he caught up with his girlfriend, Felicity and the two of them disappeared over the fence and into the long grass surrounding the property. I didn't at all mind them hiding, neither of them were in any state to fight off our own just yet.

I felt an aggressive pair of hands come down on my shoulders, and instinctively I swung the butt of my rifle around into my attackers face. I was hit with a moment of shock as her limp body fell away from my stroke... I'd just hit a girl.

Shaking it off, and deciding to have my moral breakdown later, I checked that she was still breathing and that she wasn't bleeding profusely anywhere. Then it hit me... Harry!

I looked back up at the tree towering over me, he'd been up there when we'd left, he wasn't there anymore. Running back over to John, who was engaged in what looked like an intense 'but we've got to' kind of conversation, I shouted "Have you seen Harry?".

He shook his head, then shouted back "But I think I heard him in the barn!"

I nodded once at him and ran back across the hard, trying to ignore the fact that I could be shot down at any second, falling over the threshold into the barn. Pulling myself back up and dusting the bloody dirt from my jacket, I checked my gun and continued in.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw the two bodies on the floor. I recognized them both instantly: The one laying further in and most clearly dead, was Alex. He'd been a good friend of mine once. While the one closer to me, still showing ragged signs of breathing was Harry. 

'Oh fuck.' I whispered. There was blood everywhere, he had a deep looking cut running through one of his arms. He was mouthing inaudible words at me. 'Don't worry mate, I'll take care of it.' 

I dragged him over to the cars, and pulled out one of the medical kits- along with some blood bags the lads must've picked up in their rush from the hospital. Grabbing a needle and thread, I breathed in deep, and steadied my shaking hands- refusing to let the heat of the battle rush me; because I knew, if I rushed... I didn't want to think about it.

Threading the needle carefully, a flash of orange caught my eye through an open section of the barn, a pile of old metal rods had fallen into the flames- one end was red hot, and the other still looked cool enough to the touch.

'Sorry mate. No stitches today.' I whispered to the almost lifeless body of my friend, as I stood, and made my way over to the open section. Reaching out for the cool end of the metal I was instantly taken aback. Although the end of the metal rod was not in the fire, it was still scalding hot. 

A manic energy seemed to take my limbs then, as I frantically searched the barn for anything to help my hands manage with the heat. In less than a minute I found several pairs of old leather gloves. My hands fit the medium sized gloves best, and with a struggle I managed to squeeze three layers of gloves over my hand. 

Sprinting back across to the roads, I reached in and took one up. The hot air burnt the hairs off my arms and singed my eyebrows, but I still managed to retrieve the closest rod. Keeping the hot metal away from my body, I moved back over to my friend. 

"You'll thank me for this later..." I whispered again, kneeling over his body and moving his injured arm out into the open. 

The End

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