John - chapter 13Mature

Sitting backwards on the bike, my senses of hearing and smell were the only thing to alert me to the fact that the gunfire was different something was wrong. Something in the pit of my gut told me that this time, the predicament was new

As the bike came to a stop, i jumped off and ran up to the fighting masses, shock still yet to set in. Identifying friends from foes, i ran to one guy holding a shotgun against Peter's head. Ramming an open palm into his kidney, i wrenched the gun from his floundering hands and stuck it to his face, pressing his head into the cold wet ground. Peter stood and ran with his girlfriend Ruby in tow. Flicking the gun around, i whacked the guy in the head, knocking him cold. 

Turning around, i finally noticed the full carnage that we had stumbled upon, a full on coup. Holes in buildings left right and center, people being held hostage and others shooting wildly at something ... oh wait, that would be us. 

Fires had begun in many places in the buildings, the infant rain yet unable to affect them. 

Some calm words came from the shed, almost too calm. Harry i thought. Ignoring the people shooting, i ran to the side, away from the main yard. Sprinting as fast as my still large body could take me, i made it behind the barn, almost to the shed when two people stepped from the gap between buildings. As guns raised i groaned, my heart told me to find harry, my mind telling me to escape the soon to be bullet filled air where i was standing. 

Jumping to the right, away from the building as the bullets tore through the air i rolled and came back up in a perfect commando roll an old friend taught me when i was a kid. Half surprised at how well i pulled that off, i realised that my gun had been left halfway through the roll. Cursing my stupidity, i scrambled for it, almost shitting myself when a foot beat me to it, clamping the weapon away from me. As the cold gun barrel touched my head, i knew it was the end.

The End

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