John - chapter 12Mature

Running for the closest corpse, i threw away all caution, knowing i would die no matter what i did, but why go out without a fight? These abominations had taken everything away from me, even most of my mind it seemed. Everyone had lost their minds.

About to leap for the corpse, a gunshot rang out followed by a shout of pain. Feeling fine, and knowing Agustin was dead, i spun around in shock. Staring at the new arrivals. Jayy and one of the girls in the new group had appeared from the bush. Jayden on the ground in agony and the girl, recovering from the sight of the 'dead' dead body. 

Cold hands wrapped around my head, dragging me in for the kill. Instinct kicked in as i reached up, trying to pry the grasp of death from my face. With surprising strength, the corpse held on, still dragging its teeth closer to my body. As foul breath washed across the back of my neck, the hands slackened and fell away from my face, followed by a soft thump as the body hit the ground.

Finally using my eyes, i saw the girl a few feet away, blood coating her hands and the knife that she gripped tightly. Seeing her shocked me, in the moment i was to die, i had been saved by a stranger who for all i knew could have been trying to kill me the other night. having a few seconds from the next assailant, i pushed all thought from my mind, picking up a rock and yelling "Look after him!" pointing at Jayden. When she didn't move i simply ran for the next corpse.

Swinging my fist with the rock, i slammed the thing in the head, producing a nicely sickening crunch. The sound like music from the days when i still had earphones for my i-pod. The momentary pleasure wore off and i kicked the thing in the head as it fell over. A cry of rage worked its way from the pit of my stomach, scrabbling to escape my throat. Controlling my emotions, i shoved the rage down, knowing that it would make me reckless and get killed, not something that i needed if i was to get my friend to safety. 

The girl joined me in the fight, taking on the corpses just to my left, where the group was the thinnest. Running over, a plan in my head, i grabbed jayden by the shirt and dragged him across in seconds, adrenaline giving me any extra strength i needed. Taking his gun, i pumped it, holding it to my shoulder like i had seen countless times the past weeks. Not even bothering to take time to aim, i shot at the closest corpse, shattering through its torso and ripping another apart behind it. Flicking the barrel into my hands, i swung the now empty gun like a club, Knocking bodies over left right and center. "GO!" The girl shouted, already running through the gap. Dropping the gun, i grabbed Jayden and threw him over my shoulder. Sprinting over large boulders and around trees, Dodging wombat holes every now and then, we started to get away from the corpses. 

When i passed the girl, she looked at me in shock, light and nimble as she was, i had been sprinting in the bush for quiet a while and knew where to step with confidence. breaking free of the trees, we both stopped for breath, me bending over, hands on knees breathing hard, her just panting slightly. After a few seconds, the sound of moans and gasps reminded us of the nearby danger.

Head swiveling, i searched for the bike, it should hold all three of us. Off to the right, sitting at a precarious angle from the quick stop before, was the bike, only a hundred or so meters away. Reaching out, i brushed the girls arm, bringing her attention to the bike. "front middle or back?" i asked "front" she quickly replied.

Our mad rush continued, me still carrying jayden, even while he moaned every bump and jolt. Reaching the bike, the girl started it up and jumped on. Sliding Jayden off my back, i let him climb on next and pulled the back of the bike from the ditch it sat in, trying to turn it enough for a quick getaway.

As i finished, i quickly jumped on, corpses already only a few meters away. Dirt sprayed from the back as the bike bogged itself in the soft dirt. Jumping back off, i watched as the bike jumped out of the dirt and sped away, Jayden trying to protest but unable to get a word past his ribs. 

Turning around, i ran for the left of a corpse, knocking it down even as it clamped its teeth on thin air. Spinning on the spot, i used my mass to stop my forward motion, at the same time using my powerful legs to sprint the other way 'good thing i recover quickly' i thought. 

A couple hundred meters ahead, the bike stopped, half turned around as if deciding whether or not to help or leave. Running for the bike, i knew i would never make it, sprinting was one thing, 'long distance' as i thought of it, was another. Going at it anyway, i crested a small hill, jumping down the other side, a good four meters, sliding half the way. Stones clawed at my jeans and prickles at my skin. Hitting the bottom, i kept my feet and ran on, the steep hill the only thing keeping the dead from me. 

Glancing over my shoulder, i saw bodies piling up on the bottom, all fighting to get up. Maybe i would make the bike in time i thought.

The End

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