John - chapter 11Mature

The night had been a disaster, we couldn't trust the new group with our food let alone our lives. Having not slept a wink, i pushed myself up with my good arm. The right shoulder still stinging from the too strenuous excercises ever since the crash.
Pulling my feet beneath me, i looked around, the sun still yet to rise. Half of each group were awake an wide eyed, even more so when i got up. Moving over to the back of the shed i found a wooden barrel, filled with runoff rainwater from the roof. Slamming my face into the icy depths, i ripped off the shroud of weariness, bringing my senses racing back from the recesses of my consciousness and slamming to the fore.
Drying my face on my shirt, i walked over to the supplies, checking everything was still in order and nothing had gone missing. As i went to open the boot door to check, Jayden appeared from the shed, concern etched into his face, "if this doesn't stop, something bad will happen." "harry down from the tree yet?" "nope, don't think he knows we know yet" Jayden only nodded and walked off. 

Opening the car boot, i found a dismal amount of supplies. We would have to find more, or we would starve. We had only packed for three weeks, and the new group stretched our supplies very thin.
A noise behind me pulled me from my reverie, small whispered words echoed through the now stagnant air of the camp. A single person's footsteps, ringing out in the silence. Pulling my head from the boot of the car, i spun around coming face to face with my would be assailant. 

Catching him unawares, Agustin dropped the gun. As shock spread across his face, my heart burst into flames with the heat of bottled rage, now flowing from every corner of my being. A low rumble was the only sound i felt like making, the low vibrations emanating from deep within my chest. Agustin turned and ran for the hills. 

Walking with purpose over to the other side of the shed, i found harry's bike. The anger had erupted from its prison and wasn't going to go back without a little release. Looking for the ignition, i found the key hanging from a small chain. Inserting the key i felt something slip from my belt as i remembered i had never driven something like this before. Throwing caution to the wind, i removed my mental barriers, the rage flowing in through the rapidly appearing cracks. Suffused in a dark cloud of rage, i sped off after my target. 

A small dot near the line of the bush pointed me right where i needed to go. Turning the bike to the right, i followed him right up to the edge of a clump of bush-land. Jumping off the quad, i sprinted into the line of trees. Over the uneven, rocky ground i had the advantage on Agustin. He was a sprinter, i was more cross country. The black cloud of rage seemed to obscure everything from my view but what was right at my feet and my target, no not so far off. 

Stumbling into a grove, i found Agustin at the center, a large white bone sticking through his knee from his shin, blood flowing down the leg from the puncture. A smile flipped to my face, but only lasted an instant, quickly wiped away by the massive bellow escaping my lungs. I screamed to the sky, releasing only a tiny particle of the rage into it, yet Agustin sat staring at me as if i was a demon from hell itself. 

Stepping forward, Agustin whimpered and tried to scoot backwards but only managed to move his leg Screaming almost as loud as i had. I took another step, this time bending over and picking up a small, but thick stick only 15 cm long. "Lets play surgeon shall we? looks like a nasty break, i think we need to put it back into the leg mate." Grabbing the bloody leg and the bone, i shoved my hands together producing another scream, this time even louder from his mouth. Stick in hand, i pulled it up and swung down at his leg, putting the stick right through the leg, just above the bone stopping it from moving out again. 

"Well you seem to be good as new, here let me help you on your feet." Agustin tried to move backwards but i caught his hand. "None of that now." i said shaking a finger at him. 
Grabbing his hand, i lifted him up. Standing on his good leg and still moaning from pain, i pushed his bad leg straight with a foot and then kicked his good leg out. More screams echoed through the grove. Sweat covering his face and dripping into his mouth, he looked pathetic.

"YOU TRIED TO KILL ME? NEED TO TRY BETTER THAN SHITTING YOURSELF NEXT TIME!" I punched him in the chest, knocking him down onto the rock strewn ground. Picking up two loose rocks at my feet, i put one under his hand bringing down the second one on top with such force, the bones cracked and would have echoed had they not been downed out by screams. "Please! Stop this! it wasn't my idea, i saved you instead of killing you!" Still held in the grip of insatiable rage, i had no mind for his meaningless words. I brought the rock down on his hand one more time.

Standing up i brushed the dirt from my jeans and took a deep breath, some of the black cloud evaporating. Looking around at the surroundings, i realized that there were bodies everywhere, and not dead ones. gripping a large boulder from nearby, i pulled, dirt and grass flying everywhere as the rock was dislodged. Running over to the eerily silent Agustin, i lifted the rock and dropped it on his head producing a sickening crunch and spattering blood on my shoes as his body flinched hard enough he jerked back and knocked the rock off his half flat face revealing a caved in skull and bits of brain in a small circle around his head.

Looking up again, i felt for my knife and found just an empty holder. Ready to accept my demise, i roared and charged the nearest Corpse.

The End

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