john - chapter 10Mature

"Jess, she didn't make it mate. Sam ... he , he came back. I mean he died. He was dead but, but he came back. ... He ... he bit her. He was one of them. He turned, that's how they do it. He killed her ..." I looked up and saw Jayden's face had gone ashen. "We left her." my eyes began to well up, but i shoved the emotion back down my throat, a useful ability i had gained over the years. "We had to get out of there ... i couldn't do it, we left her to turn ... i wish i could go back, put her out of her misery, who wants to be that?" 

We sat in silence,looking at the ground for a long time, neither of us wanting to break the respectful silence. As feet walked past, a thought came to me, If Sam turned, then the others could as well. And others could get killed just like Jess. Gripping my new weapon, the stick from the previous night, i pulled myself up from the seat with my good arm. "be right back mate" i said to Jayy and walked over to the center of our hastily set up camp. " EVERYONE! " i shouted " GATHER ROUND PEOPLE!"
As the group looked up at the new commotion, i stood on the top of one of the sturdier car's bonnet. After a few minutes, most of the two groups had gathered sufficiently "Last night, One of my half of the group, the bitten one, died last night." Everyone began murmuring how sad they were or that they didn't give a shit. "He turned into a corpse, not just a dead one, one of the one we have been fighting. Now i cant be sure this will happen to anyone that is bitten, but i cant sit still while that possibility lasts." I pointed out to the new group "Half of you, have been bitten, Some have fallen ill. I propose a quarantine be set on all those with the fever, I will not risk others dying like Jess did last night, at the hands of her boyfriend." Looking at everyone's faces, i saw a mix of fear, resignation, and in some, a hard determination. " If anyone disagrees, leave right now, we will not have you risking the lives of the group." Many people from the new group, with clearly visible bites, Eloise, Courtney, Lawrence, Jake, Kate, Tianni, all people i knew from school, began to mumble as they walked out to the back of the group. 

"Otherwise, stay here, if you have been bitten, but have no fever, continue to do your jobs, but if you have the fever, we will have an armed guard with you at all times, if one more person turns, i vote we take no chances, we shoot all people with the fever. But i will leave this to the vote, majority rules people." With that, i jumped off the car and walked out to where Jayden was still sitting, he looked at me awestruck. "Mate, you cant do that." he said " just did, and besides, we need to harden up, even i couldn't take the shot to get Sam off Jess. We keep this up, we will all be dead.

The End

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