Jayden- Chapter 10Mature

I fell backwards, I couldn't keep fighting. Initially it had hurt only momentarily, swinging at them, the adrenaline and the fear keeping the pain aside. We'd fought better than I could have possibly imagined, but this wasn't working... we needed to buy time.

I searched around frantically for an idea, for anything. Suddenly Harry turned, scooping me up before sprinting back to the cars. The gunmen and women fled with him, all pretense of order or bravery gone like any comfort or our ability to sleep.

Red Dots flashed across my vision as I hit the ground Harry dropping me, his hands suddenly required for the disposal of an Undead. Within seconds, its head fell to the ground, away from its body, and I had a crystal view as Harry stamped down on its skull, rotted brains going everywhere, and a shattered tooth hitting me in the forehead- luckily not drawing blood. 

My senses were starting to fade, body blacking in and out of conciousness in attempts to deal with the Lightening Bolt skewered through my side. Harry had picked me up, and slung me over his shoulder and was single handedly (literally) carving skulls left, right and centre.

The last thing I clearly remember was being tossed into a car, laying across several pairs of legs, with several pairs of hands holding me in place, and Harry shaking my foot a few times saying. "Seeya soon!"


-the next morning-

I awoke in agony. Like I did every morning. I remember someone grabbing my arm, and injecting me with a needle. A few minutes later, the pain was eased, and I could pull myself up.

The countryside had completely changed. No longer were in we in the mountainous bushland of the wild areas inbetween the Monaro Plains and the Bega Valley, we were in the Bega Valley, a lush green country with rolling hills. We were taking shelter with the vehicles in an abandoned tractor shed.

John wandered over, absent mindedly swinging a long stick too and fro, before silently sitting beside me. "I've got bad news." he said quietly, neutrally.

My stomach clenched instinctively, I couldn't deal with any more bad news, bad I had too.

The End

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