john - chapter 9Mature

Harry had suddenly appeared, shouting for everyone with a gun to fight. Looking over from my seat at a fire, i saw nothing but the afterimage of the fire, imprinted in my eyes but the sound was enough to announce the threat that lay beyond my vision. gurgles and burbles, screams and shots announced another wave of corpses. 

Sam was lying in the back of the car next to me, it was my watch over him. He had gotten worse over the last week. We had to be extremely careful lifting him and moving him in the cars. He could either smack you in the face, trying to destroy the monsters of his nightmares. Or he could be as brittle as a glass swan. But he always required careful hands to transport. Before we had taken him out of the cars to sleep under the stars, now he was so brittle we had to leave him in the car under constant watch to make sure he didn't fall or something.

At the sounds of coming danger, his slow uneven breathing now stopped. Replaced by the screams and shouts of the campsite now turned battlefield. Jess ran over, finding Sam not breathing she fell to her knees, weeping over her dead boyfriend. Standing, i looked out over the heads of people rushing to pack their things. The image of the fire mostly gone from my eyes. A moan from behind and i spun around to a corpse falling on me from a lunge. Without any time to move, we both fell to the ground. With it trying to bite my face, i held my hands up, shoving it back. My heart was beating so fast i didn't even remember my injured shoulder. 

Reaching out, my hands hit a stick i had been playing with earlier. Since my good arm was injured, i had been using just my left. The stick, a branch of willow i had found in the site before, had been just right for a short staff. The corpse came for me again, scooting along the ground. Spinning the stick through my fingers, then over my knuckles i held it like a dagger a swung for its head. The crack rang through the air, above even the gunshots. A good sized dent was left as i pulled the stick to me, The corpse, now silent was left forgotten. 

Wielding my new weapon, i found a corpse shambling towards me, its left leg had a bone sticking out at a weird angle. every step produced a sickening crunch and the bone stuck out a little more. Its shirt was crusted with dried blood, most of it was obviously not its own. Not wanting to wait for the thing to get to me, i ran for it. Vaulting over the campfire and swinging my stick at its good leg. As the thing toppled to the ground, unable to support its weight with two severely broken legs, it tried to claw my face. spinning the stick, i was grateful for my incessant staff training as a child. I whipped the weapon up and knocked its hands out of the way. Straightening as it hit the ground, i looked down and stomped its face in. Still alive, i was surprised, i had hit its head, but still it came. Not taking any chances, i brought the stick down and stabbed it through the eye. The stick went further than i expected, the adrenaline in my body increasing my strength. When i moved to pull it free, i found it stuck in the ground, the head unable to move. 

Looking up, i saw Harry and Jayden, back to back fighting off the horde. Getting back to my own problems, i looked to Jess and all of the unpacked gear around her, she was still crying hysterically over Sam's death, we couldn't afford anyone else to slack. I slung my chair and the bedroll over my shoulder and shoved it in the front seat of the car Sam was in. It was then i realised Jess wasn't screaming from mourning ... but from pain, Sam was up again. he was moving! alive! Running over to congratulate him on surviving. I found him biting Jess's throat out. Unable to believe what i was seeing, i stood there while Jess screamed. A groan behind me, and its subsequent silencing caught my attention and i found one of the new guys behind me, running up and stabbing it Sam in the eye. Jess lay on the ground, her eyes flitting around, seeing things that weren't there. She had stopped screaming and now just gagged on her own blood. The air from her lungs bubbled out of her shredded throat as her lifeblood ebbed from her mouth and down her neck. 

The End

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