Harry Chapter 9Mature

I practically flew out of a bush and saw Jayden standing in the middle of the road, “Run, run, run!” I shouted at him as I sped past. My limbs were starting to feel heavy, my mind was getting cloudy, but I knew what I needed. There were two shotgun blasts from behind me as I entered the camp. People stared as I raced over to the back of the quad bike and began rifling through the baggage until I found the medical kit and pulled out a large needle, filled with two millilitres of clear liquid. I tore it out of its plastic covering and yanked of the cap to the needle. Finding a vein in my arm I pushed the needle in and squeezed, pushing the liquid into my system. I pulled the needle out and dropped it, there were a few seconds of stillness and then my mind cleared and my heart started beating faster as new strength coursed through my limbs. The Epinephrine, or artificial adrenaline, coursed through my veins. I knew it would only work for an hour at the absolute most, but hopefully it would be enough. Then I noticed that there were far more people here than when I had left. I recognised most of them, but didn’t know many. There was Alex, tall, skinny and curly black hair, Hamish, medium height, long, light brown hair and a short girl with dirty, dark brown dreadlocks, but had left her fringe untouched. Michaela. The thought eased itself into my mind. Last time I had seen her was on an Excursion up to Bathest, first girl to ask for my number too. It all seemed like a long time ago now though.

“Everyone with a gun, with me!” I shouted “Everyone else start packing up! WE ARE LEAVING!” I turned around and headed back to where I had seen Jayden, he was reloading his shotgun when a Corpse ran out and tried to get him, he swung the butt of the rifle into the things face and it dropped like a rock. He finished reloading and stamped on its face, caving it in like an egg.

I ran past and smashed into another before pulling out my bayonet and sinking it into another’s skull and forcing the machete into the downed ones mouth, through the roof of it and into the centre of its skull. There were so damn many. I got up as Jayden fired the shot gun, felling three of the Corpses, only to have two of them get to their feet and continue forward. “Pistol below my back!” I shouted and sheared the head of one of them in half. I felt him pull the gun from its holster and we stood back to back.

We ducked and dived around each other, killing the already dead. Jayden ran out of ammo in the guns so I tossed him my Machete and pulled out a knife from my chest harness. Even with his wounds he fought like a man possessed, I had to say I was impressed. We killed for what felt like hours, but had to have been only minutes, seeming I was still standing. As the numbers of the Corpses increased we were pushed back, but before we moved I quickly swiped up my pistol and the shotgun and, now only fighting with one hand, I started to step back with the others. We couldn’t win this, I knew it Jayden knew it and everyone else either knew it or were dead. I saw someone fall and then another, dragged down by cold hands.

I felt a tug at my back where my rifle was and was about to swing around with my blades, when I came face to face with Michaela, “Give me the rifle and I’ll help.” She said it with a shred of fear in her voice that had been covered in a mask of resolution.

I shrugged of the rifle and said urgently “Ok, its bolt action.”

She took the rifle, pointed it and pulled the trigger. The ‘wizzed’ by me and hit one of the Corpses in the gut, “Aim for the head!” I swung the bayonet around in a reverse grip, and it stabbed through ones skull. I pushed the body forwards, into the mass, dropping the shot gun and holstering the pistol. I ducked down, knife and bayonet in hand, kicking the legs out from another of the things and scooped up the shotgun. I pushed myself back and got to my feet in hurry. Craning my neck, I looked over the heads of most of the Corpses. There were more, too many more. I stabbed another Corpse through the eye hole and turned to see how much work had been done in the camp. We were closer than I had realised, but not close enough.

The End

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