Harry Chapter 8Mature

I looked at my watch, two in the morning. Leaning back against a tree I slumped slightly, but a corpse growled close by and I was back, clutching my machete shakily I swung it around the tree and felt it dig into something. The machete was pulled from my grip a second later as the corpse who I had hit toppled to the ground, the machete sticking out of its forehead. I leant over and retrieved it just in time to hack it through the skull of another corpse and, in the same movement, pull my pistol from its holster, which was now across the small of my back, fire two shots into a corpse, spin around and run. There were nearly fifty of the damn things following me now.

After I had killed around ten of the original lot, another swarm of the things had shown up, stumbling through the trees like a flood of bodies. I had been forced to keep running all through the rest of the day and into the night, through to the morning, and now here I was.

One of them stepped out from behind a tree in front of me and surprised me. My blade was already up, and I stabbed it up through the things jaw and up into the brain. Without stopping I yanked out the machete and kept running, ‘The camp has to be around here.’ I thought as I ran.

On my walk to the service station there had been a very sharp turn in the road, when I ran into the woods, it had been in the direction parallel to the camp. So if I went up enough and then turned I would find the road and be able to get there before the horde could catch me, or that was the theory.

I decided that this was a good a place as any, and turned sharply to my right. After a few agonising minutes I saw the light of a fire from through the trees and made a bee line for it. I tried to leap a fallen tree but my foot caught around a branch, sending me tumbling to the ground with rest of the leaf litter. I pulled myself shakily to my feet and looked over towards the advancing swarm. I checked my gun, only two bullets left, I leant over the tree and took careful aim, and pulling the trigger twice, watched as two corpses fell to the ground and reloaded. I put the gun back in its holster and ran back towards the camp.

The End

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