john - chapter 8Mature

Warm sunlight played across my closed eyelids as i savoured the few minutes of rest i could scrounge from the busy day. The pain in my shoulder the only thing anchoring me in the world, my mind left to wander the dark halls of bitterness. When i had found out that harry had left because of some of the guys i had been furious, i was still massively sore and Jayden was still in a relatively bad way. I would gladly sacrifice the group's happiness and weather their abuse for their ordeal. Anything if i could just heal a bit more before becoming the leader again. 

Trying to will all my energy into my shoulder, stuck in an impossible struggle to heal it. A shout pierced my reverie. Cracking open a single eye i looked out to find the source of the shout. One of the sentries, Peter, on of the guys who sent harry away was running for were i sat in my chair. 

Carefully, i pulled myself up into a respectable sitting position. The short run had left peter breathless, this was important information. "others" was all he could get out before sucking in another breath. "There are others on the road, travelling straight for us." He sucked in another breath as he tried to slow his breathing. "They are on foot, about thirty of them from what i could tell." with that he fell silent. 

Struggling to get up i reached out a hand to Peter, attempting to pull me up was too much for him, he was only short and not necessarily very strong. I weighed over 125 kilos. Hauling my own weight out of the chair i hobbled over to the edge of the camp, my shoulder still paining me even when i walked. Ever since i had started to heal, the pain had gotten more noticeable, not worse, just more noticeable. 

The sun had gone behind a cloud, leaving the feel of its warmth on my skin, now only an absence of heat, just like the sense of normalcy that had left the day of the outbreak. As i got to the edge of the camp i could see the line of people trekking along the road we had just come from. They were a fair distance away, all their faces still a blur and the reason for their slow progress unknown. Not caring for this disturbance i said "Peter, tell me when they get close enough for you to know who they are, if we know them you come tell me, if not gather anyone with a gun and then get me, lets not underestimate this like we did the corpses."

Walking back to my chair i looked at it, longing to just sit and rest all day, all week if i could. But i knew that such foolishness could only kill us now, no rest until we got to the army, or they came to us, the most unlikely hope i could think of short of waking up in my bedroom. 

Walking back to my sleeping area, just a tarp set up between two of the cars, i knelt down, bending over was out of the question with my shoulder. I could hardly extend my arm let alone reach for something. I picked up my rifle, not a shotgun like most of the guys wanted, if my experience at games told me anything, which it did not, rifles were better for me either way. Ever since the first time i had shot it at harry's house just before we left i had come to know the gun pretty well inside and out. The only thing i could not do was pull it apart with ease. But i was getting to that part. Whenever i had to look after Sam, and on the rare occasion he was conscious and lucid, he taught me how to use a gun. How to aim, how to un-jam it and how to hit with it, if it came to that. Chances to talk to him had become rare of late, Harry had to fill in the unfinished lessons as Sam was conscious for less time as each day passed. Today he hadn't even awoken. He was getting bad and we all knew it, all except Jess, she refused to believe he could die. 

Picking up my gun, i checked it for dirt in the sight and jams and what-not, preparing for the possible battle ahead. I longed to see a familiar face, someone who i liked in the previous world though, not one of the dicks, if it was one of them i would have no objection to open fire on them, and this time we could hit anywhere.

Another shout from Peter came from the edge of camp and i got up slowly, walking over to where he stood. In the distance was the other half of our extended group, the people we talked to on a daily basis at school, most looked bloody and tired. All staggering, carrying everything they had on their backs, in their school and football bags. 

Waving my arms about i called them over. When they noticed me, they all stopped for a few seconds and then started out again, this time headed straight for us. All of them looked dead tired and their eyes looked like they might bulge from their skulls. As they got closer, i could see every one of their eyes was bloodshot with bags under their eyes. 

The End

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