Harry Chapter 7Mature

‘I can’t spend even twenty four hours sitting down without something going wrong’ I thought as I stabbed my bayonet through the skull of a corpse. A large group of them had walked right past the small station I was in and was heading right for the camp, even if it was a few hours walk, or shamble in the corpses case. I got up and took my bow from my back, notched an arrow and went outside.

I climbed on top of a car, pulled back the string of the bow, took aim and fired. One of the thirty or forty corpses fell, as two more of them turned around and spotted me. As they separated from the group four more saw them and followed as the rest moved on. I pulled out another arrow and let it fly, killing another. The third arrow missed and embedded itself in the things chest, but another arrow soon sprouted from its face, toppling it.

As they got closer I leapt from the roof of the car, my bayonet and machete in either hand, my bow securely attached to my back. As I hit the ground blood spurted from the two leading corpse’s faces, as they collapsed. I yanked out the blades and ran between the last two. They turned clumsily, bumping into each other as they did. I turned to swing at them but lost my footing. I fell on my back and scrambled to get up as one of them lunged at me. I dropped the machete and caught the corpse’s throat before sticking my bayonet through its eye hole. Before I could get up, the last one fell on top of the pile and started reaching for my face, I tried to get the bayonet out, but it was stuck. The thing clawed at my face as my other hand searched around franticly far the machete. I felt its nails break the skin above my right eye and drag downwards and then across my nose, as I tried to get away. My hand found the machete and without a second thought I hacked it into the corpse’s skull. There was a gurgling noise from the back of its throat, and then it was still.

I took a few moments to catch my breath before pushing the now dead corpses off of me and getting to my feet ‘I’ve got to be more careful’ I thought, looking at the corpses. I retrieved my arrows before running back into the store grabbing as much food and drink as I could carry, and then firing of two shots from my pistol, ‘that should get their attention’ I thought as I ran into the nearby woods, ‘time to go lone ranger for awhile, or at least until most of those things are dead’.

The End

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