john - chapter 7Mature

Haunting voices made their way through the thick veil of sleep. Only a mumbling mess of words made it into the isolated thinking center amidst the black emptiness of my mind. Swirls of understanding coloured my inner thoughts for brief seconds and scattered away the instant i reached for it. 

After an eternity of eternities, my mind became once again fully my own. Slowly, i opened my eyes. The glare from the noon-day sun, piercing the previous blackness of my vision. Looking around i saw Harry and Lewis kneeling above me. Harry gently pushed me back down when i tried to get up. The pitiful attempt at movement sent a shock of pain through my shoulder, into my torso and right up to my brain, searing a path of fire in its wake. 

As the pain forced it way into my brain i let out a small whimper, knowing this was the least of what was to come. Lewis pressed a cup to my lips and while the last dregs of pain eased from my body, i washed the dirt from my throat. Trying to speak i felt my tongue flop lifelessly to the side, useless. Worry filled my mind as i thought of what could have happened to screw my tongue up. 

Looking over to my right, i found the unmoving body of Jayden, people slowly pouring water over parts of his body. Confused By the uncerimonious action, i tried to ask the two above me about it. My tongue flopped to the other side, but i had felt life in it. Working at it for a few seconds i managed to pull my resolve and motor skills into a cohesive group and spoke. " what happened to Jayy?" When i said this, the looked over at him with grim faces. "after he got you out, he went back. We don't know why, we were too far away, but as he went back, the car exploded. He's pretty badly burnt and got knocked about. He's in a bad way"

Not caring to hear any more of the story, i once again tried to get up, this time, assisted by a struggling Lewis and Harry, i made it into a sitting position. After a few seconds of panting from pain, i slowly curled up and, on my hands and knees, pushed myself slowly to my feet. Every inch of progress was agony in my shoulder and left leg, alternating sides of my body had been hurt. Although, i was still alive. "What happened to the others? did anyone get out before it exploded?" Harry looked at Lewis and slowly walked away to where Jayden lay. Lewis filled me in on the details with empathy that harry refused to let out. " No-one made it out, i'm sorry john." As he said this, he held my good shoulder and stared into my eyes, a look of such profound sorrow as i had never seen painted on his face. 

Limping slowly through the newly set up camp, i looked for any massive holes in the defense. Finding nothing major i was thankful we had harry, he could see to that while i was indisposed. Everyone else seemed to sink into themselves whenever the idea of camp came to mind. I guess they all wanted to just go back home, to the way things were before. To the lives they new. Me? i never really cared for my life. It was either live a life i didn't want to live, or do something impossible about it. So i just kept with the crappy life. This was an opportunity for something better for me, so i embraced the change with open arms. 

But with people sinking into themselves came holes, gaps in the defence, Any gap invited death into the camp. I would not allow that to happen, each and every person in the group had overnight become my entire family, every single one. Not even blood could mark me as related to someone outside the group, we had shared the most difficult trials, and we made it through them together, as a whole. Death would not come to one of my family through something so simple as a missing sentry. 

After hours of waiting for Jayden to get better, sitting at his side, i made ready to move from the chair i was sitting in. As i did, my shoulder burst out in a fountain of pain. Jostling every tendon and muscle in the vicinity of my shoulder. It felt as though the arm was being ripped from the socket in the slowest manner possible. As soon as tension left the arm, the pain dissapeared, if slowly.

When the sun went down we all got prepared. Harry relieved the sentries after ordering the next lot of three on to either side of the camp. Each sentry still a group of two. 
Fires started in small piles here and there, about three in total. Two cooking canned spaghetti and another just for the group to huddle around. It all felt like a large camping trip. 

A moaning sound broke through the this time thin veil of sleep and jolted me awake. As i  woke i felt immense pain, more than yesterday shoot down my arm. Stifling a scream of pain with my other hand i held my breath as the moan circled the camp. Rather than a single sound, it was a collective. A few corpses had found their way to the camp, now only trying to find a way around the ring of cars and branches acting as a fence. They weren't very patient though, pretty soon, the sound of flesh beating metal and wood filled the air.

One of the sentries on the other side to harry let off a first shot. Pete, he liked to act first sometimes, not really thinking through the consequences. This time it had a high price. The beating sound stopped and shuffling and moans continued. The corpses had found new prey. Looking up from the chair i was in, i saw maybe five of the things in a group, but from the sound i knew there was more.

Pete, standing atop a car, felt safe from his vantage point and fired again and again. As the corpses fell with every few shots more came. Harry, having made his way over to Pete told him in harsh whispers "stop you idiot, they can hear you, cant you see? more of them will be coming" Pulling out a knife, harry circled the corpses from the back of the cars, steel glinting in the weak moonlight. The entire camp was awake and preparing now for another fight, except Jayden who appeared sound asleep, although the pain etched into his face betrayed his injuries. Harry dropped silently to the ground outside the car ring, stalking over to the group, now clawing for Pete's feet. Not wanting to screw something else up, it appeared, Pete stayed up on the roof of the car, simply standing back enough to be out of reach. 

Harry made his way to the group of corpses silently, quite a feat what with the sticks and litter around the place. When he got close, the Corpses began sniffing the air. Turning toward him they took the chance. All sprinting for the easier kill. "SHOOT!" Harry called. The other two sentries now standing ready, the three fired almost simultaneously. The group of now ten or so corpses still sprinting as fast as their mangled bodies would take them. Harry came to a tree and pulled free his big blade, standing in wait for the first Corpse, now only eight strong from the firing line behind them. 

Swinging his knife down onto the head of the first he wrenched it free and made for the second one. As he was about to slice, the zombie fell down, a spray of blood announcing the shot better than the sound ever could have. Only six left, two more fell and another to harry's blade. The other three circled harry and lunged at once. Leaping through a tiny gap in the legs, Harry avoided the meat fest that would have otherwise taken place. 

The End

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