Jayden- Chapter 7Mature

~Several Hours Later~

I saw it coming; I’d seen it coming all day.

He’d been driving way to fast all day, despite the steep rocky terrain of the Back-country 4wd track, Tyler had still been taking crests and turns with a dangerous speed. I’d told him, several times, over the radio that he needed to slow down, and his responses were barely conceivable over the blasting music he had through his sound systems.

Rounding a crest, I felt my eyes widen in horror as my foot instinctively slammed down onto the brake pedal, sending the heavy sliver car on a slide down the steep descent, off the road to be caught in the heavy, tightly packed scrub. The front bull-bar buckled slightly as it collided with a particularly thick tree, and the whole vehicle was dragged to a stop by the twisting branches groping at the wheels.

But it wasn’t my loss of control that had left my passengers speechless, no; it was the twisted wreck of Tyler’s car still rolling down the steep decent of the track. Even from this distance, I could make out the Kangaroo corpse wrapped around his front wheel. Almost like a movie played in my head, I could see how it’d happened: Tyler, tearing over the crest, music blaring not having time to react to a grazing kangaroo on the thin track. The poor beast getting caught inbetween the wheel and the car, tipping the heavy vehicle on a downward decent from which it couldn’t recover.

Throwing open my door, I jumped out of the car, and sprinted through the scrub. Reaching the red dirt road, I didn’t slow down. I fell once, tearing my jeans and grazing my hands and knees, but I pulled myself up and kept on running.

I fell again, tearing apart the skin, blood now running freely from the dirt filled wounds. But again I pulled myself up, and continued my frantic chase. I didn’t fall again, but still some part of me wished I had. Looking around, I couldn’t see where Harry had got to, but I chastised myself for thinking about him, and turned my focus back onto the car.

It was on its roof, the driver’s side collapsed in completely, eliminating any chance of survival for anyone on that side of the car. The blood was pooling in the dry dirt, and I fell to my knees and my stomach began to heave.

Once the contents of my stomach were heaped onto the path, I again, pulled myself to my feet and cursed myself for being so selfish. Finishing the short mile to the car, I came to Blake in the Front Passenger seat first.

The gear box had been shunted across from the driver’s side, trapping him between it and the buckled door. If I hadn’t already been sick, I would’ve been again- it was like something out of a Saw Horror Movie. It’d crushed his right rib cage, and what looked like an old bottle had broken covering him in gashes, and penetrating deep into his abdomen. His window had been down, and sticking to his bloodied face were dozens of rocks.

Reaching in a gripping his hand, I felt his grip tighten. He was still alive! “Blake!?”

He only groaned in response and opened one eye.

“Can you hear me Blake?”

His mouth moved as if he was trying to speak, but only a bloodied gurgle resonated from him. I choked back my horror and grief.

“Helena?” He rasped, the only intelligible word.

I glanced over his shoulder, she’d been sitting behind Tyler, she was already long gone, but I couldn’t find the heart to tell him that. “She’s fine, dude. Just fine.” I smiled at him.

“Good.” He smiled, a tragic scene upon his bloodied face, the last thing he ever said before his grip went slack and his eyes rolled up into his head.

Leaving his door, I moved to the back, where I could make out Johns silhouette on the back seat, throwing open the door, it was obvious he was still fully conscious, if not somewhat dazed. His seatbelt was still attached, but the buckle was twisted and mutated out of shape with the crash, immediately I began work on it.

John was dazed, and speaking gibberish and muttering the whole time I struggled with the bent buckle. Eventually recognising that I was playing an unwinnable game of tug of war, I started looking for other options, grabbing a shard of glass, thankful for the thin leather gloves I'd stolen from Harry's, I reached up and slashed the seatbelt in a single stroke, catching John and breaking his fall to the ground with my own body.

Rolling out from underneath him was harder than I would’ve imagined, but when I managed it I stepped up behind him and wrapped my arms under his, dragging him away from the wreck and onto the soft grass just on the side of the road.

It was then he seemed to come to himself some, “I tried, I told them to stop it.” A look of something akin to fear, but too close to resignation passed across his face. I reached down, and firmly shook his shoulder.

“I know you did mate, it’s ok.” I knelt down, so we were eye to eye. “I need to get back to the car, Xiao might still be alive. I stood, already turning back to the car when I felt his vice like grip tighten around my wrist, with a solid yank he pulled me back down close to him.

“They lied!” he hissed at me, quietly. I was torn, but I figured I could question him later. I pulled my hand, only to find his grip gone limp. Glancing back at his face, I realised he’d slipped out of consciousness.

I turned to run back to the car, Xiao was in the middle, she’d been a foreign student from China, and her long black hair fell past her tanned face, almost touching the roof (now the floor) of the car. A nasty looking purple bruise had formed about her forehead. I’d just reached the door of the car, and was beginning to crouch down into it when a blast of hot air tore past me, and an incomprehensible sound battered in my ears.

Before I realised the Car had exploded, I was already being thrown back across the road. It all seemed in slow motion, I was suddenly aware of the others, almost at the bottom of the hill, the closest of them falling back with the blast. I noticed Harry coming around the corner on his Quadbike, followed by a group of people who all seemed a blur.

I hit the tree back first, and I heard the crack before I felt the pain lance in behind one of my lungs. Sliding down the bark, everything returned to normal speed, and the darkness at the edges of my vision crept in, and I silently slipped away into a sleep.

The End

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