Harry Chapter 5Mature

As we crossed the bridge there were a few lone corpses walking around, I ploughed into one head on and crushed it beneath the big wheels of the quad bike; I looked behind me and saw the thing struggling to get up, only to be hit again by Tyler’s car. We reached the service station, and it had a few corpses shuffling around. I rammed into one and dismounted the bike, pulling my bayonet from its sheath along with the mattock. I stood over the corpse I had run over and stabbed the point of the bayonet through its eye and into the brain, it twitched once and then lay still. Looking around for more of the walking corpses, I made my way over to the main building and tried the door. It was locked. The door to the building was only framed glass, so I smashed it in with the butt of my rifle and went behind the counter and into the back room, found a few switches that I gave a flick, and out back to where the pump was, and after a kick and a little swearing I got it to start.

When I got back out front of the station the rest were busy trying to repel the corpses as they filled up their cars and fuel containers, with a few of the girls still in the cars looking terrified. I took down a few corpses with my blades, and made my way over to Jayden “Get some of the others who can’t fight to start loading food and drink into the backs of the cars with the fuel from the shop.” He nodded and started shouting out to the people in the cars to start collecting supplies. It took a little bit of coaxing, but they eventually got out of the cars. ‘About time’ I thought, I had sheathed my blades and was now using the bow to kill the corpses at a range without making as much noise. I felt a hand yank on my shoulder, as I notched another arrow onto the bow string. My hand flew to the knife on my vest and was out and about plunge down, but before it had I realised that it was John.

“Having fun are we?” he had blood smeared over half his face and most of his clothing, that now sported a few ne tears.

“Not as much as you.” I said, there was no emotion in my voice. I turned back, sheathing my knife and pulling back on the bow, and letting the arrow fly. It impacted in a corpses head and stuck out the back. I looked down at my now dwindling supply of arrows, ‘I’m going to have to go and them back’ I thought, and putting down my bow I took out my bayonet and mattock, and ran from corpse to corpse collecting my arrows. When I could I killed another with stab in the eye or under the jaw.

I had collected most of the arrows when Jayden shouted “Ok! That’s the last one everyone back to the vehicles!” I ran back to my quad bike and leapt into the seat, keying the motor I checked that they had filled me up too and started the engine. Spitting up gravel and dirt behind me I raced back the way we had come, and from the sounds behind me the rest weren’t far behind. As we cleared the other side of the bridge there was an almighty boom of an explosion, I spun my head around and saw a small mushroom like cloud blooming up from where the service station had been. It was beautiful. I turned my head away and let Tyler overtake me, he and Jayden the ones who knew where we were going. I took one last look at the mushroom cloud, with a small grin. This was going to be very interesting.

The End

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