Harry Chapter 4Mature

While the rest had been sleeping, I had been preparing. I had a bag full of my equipment and a box of ammo and, although it pained me to leave it, a rather large pile of things I was leaving behind. I heaved all my stuff down to one of the other sheds that housed the two quad bikes and chucked it all into the back of a large red one.

It was meant only to hold a maximum of two people, but if you were willing to stuff some people on, you could fit five or six. I used a bit of rope and tied everything down, put my bow across the front tray and sat down on the seat.

I looked out over the vast expanse of land that was the farm. For five years my family and I had tended it, and now I was leaving it. My brother as good as dead, my parents missing and no one for me to call my own. Not the ideal situation, but a lot better than plenty of others I could think of, and still just that emptiness, nothingness, not even a hint of feeling.

There was a loud ‘crack!’ my head shot up and looked around for its source. I saw someone running over to the house and guessed something had happened. I made my way over with my rifle, I ran through the small gate and as I rounded the corner of the house I saw one of the Corpses, “Aim for the head!” I shouted, someone took another shot and hit the corpse in the chest, “IDIOT! Shoot for the head!” I shouted again. I saw John take another shot at the thing and missed, groaning from his lack of competency with a gun I quickly brought up my own and fired, blasting a neat hole in its head. By then the rest of them had formed into a firing line of some sort, I heard a 3, 2, 1, Now! and the place lit up with the sounds of gun fire. When they had finished there were still three left, and they were picking up speed, I clicked the bolt on my rifle and peered through the sight, pulled the trigger, moved to the next target as I clicked the bolt back again, pulled the trigger and watched the corpse fall to the ground. The last one was shredded as everyone else took shots at it until it stopped moving.

I looked up at everyone, with my rifle pointing up into the air, “So are you all finished wasting ammo?” I said with a growl, “Probably wasted a box of it just then!” I went back to the quad bike, started it up and moved it out to where all the cars were. I turned it back off to save fuel and waited for the rest of them.

As everyone filed out, Jayden looked at sitting on the bike with my legs up on the handle bars and my black Akubra hat covering my face, “So decided to join us then.” He said with a smile.

I just looked up from under my hat, a small smile tweaking at my mouth, “I’ve got no choice if you guys want to get as far as outside of Bredbo.” I sat up on the quad bike and started the motor, “And besides, if you want to get to where you’re going, you’re going to need more fuel. And I know where to get it.”

He looked at me for a few seconds, “And what do have in mind?” he asked carefully.

I pushed on the accelerator of my bike letting it rev, “Down in Bredbo. No one’s going to miss something they can’t use.”

“We can’t go down there! The place is full of corpses!” he said cautiously.

“There’s only a maximum of two hundred corpses down there, and at least thirty of them we’ve killed, another fifty have probably wondered off, if that’s how they found us and that leaves only about a hundred and twenty all together. Not to mention that they would be spread out over the town.” I shrugged putting my hands out to either side “And besides, we’ll all need refills if other people have had the same idea in the direction we’re going.”

Jayden thought about it for a few seconds, and then he muttered under his breath “Damn it!” He looked up, “I really hate to admit it, but your right.” He walked over to Tyler’s car and had a word with him. I waited for him to go to the other cars and when he got back he said “Ok, can you get the pumps working?”

I thought about it for a few seconds “Ya, I can do that, seen it happen enough when they come and refill the tanks.”

“Ok then, we’re off.”

He went back over to Tyler’s car and got in. I took the break off the quad bike and went streaking down the driveway, up through the gates; we had opened previously and onto the highway with the rest in hot pursuit behind me.

The End

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