john - chapter 6Mature

Jayden had gone alone to talk to harry. I was supposed to go, buddies and all but i knew i couldn't. harry was on my nerves and talking now wasn't going to fix it.
Instead i stayed back, telling people what to bring as we all packed our bags.
of course, me being me i hadn't listened to Jayden's plan like i should have, i just zoned out. I found myself in an ideal world, no corpses that had somehow come to life and tried to bite people, no injured Sam, no harry acting up. Just nothing, that was what i had always pictured as ideal. Nothing. 

" pack light, no useless things like picture books. The may seem nice but they will slow you down, make you think of back then. This world is different, or else Sam would be packing with  us. No. He would be playing xbox now." That was the third time i tried to tell people to leave things behind. No-one wanted to though of course. 
excusing myself, i walked outside, checking all the corners and dark places before leaving the soft glow of the house. giving a small "hey" to the scouts before i climbed the ladder, so as not to scare them i scrambled up and told them i was done and would relieve one so they could get packed. They had been told about the plan by Jayden before he went to see harry. 
Peter scrambled down the ladder as i asked Pete if they had seen anything. With my night-vision ruined by the light inside i had to wait for my eyes to adjust, relying on pete to see everything.

After a few hours of sentry duty and the horizon began to brighten. With the added help of the new light, i could see something i hadn't wanted to see. A group of corpses that back then we had considered huge. Although now it was puny. A group of ten corpses had gotten in past the first two fences. 
"Pete, go get the others, we aren't doing this alone." As he scrambled down the ladder i searched the horizons for more. Although we had spotted a few, more could be around. After a quick look, i found no more. Sighing in relief i picked up my rifle from where it rested against the deckchair. Holding it up i aimed for the lead corpse. 

The sight was a little out so i just let the gun drop, waiting for the others. 
When Pete arrived with everyone with a gun except harry i told them to try and make something like a firing line. Jayden set that up while i got used to my own gun. Someone down below shouted instructions to the group, stationed just outside the last fence couldn't see the corpses for the long grass. 
As i aimed once again i shrugged the gun into a more comfortable position and found the sight lined up properly. Aiming at the lead corpse i fired. the shot echoed through the air, cracking loudly though the valley. After a very short delay, an echo reverberated through the hills. The Corpse didn't stop though. only fifty meters away, the shot had gouged a sizeable hole in its chest. Harry called up "IDIOT! shoot for the head!"

Unfazed by the gaping hole in its chest, it started to run. firing again i aimed for the face. Shooting i saw the shot go wide by a few inches, just missing its head. Harry by now was already up and ready, he aimed and fired, hitting square on and shattering anything that looked remotely like a face into a bloody cloud of bone and brain. The rest of the group was about to break through the long grass into the cut grass, into the killing field so quickly set up "ready in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... NOW!" i shouted as the corpses burst out of the grass. A barrage of fire landed in the bodies. Only three made it out after the second round. Running along the twenty meter stretch they would have closed the distance quickly but two got taken out by harry and everyone fired simultaneously at the final one. 

The End

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