john - chapter 5Mature

I had tried to talk to harry, i really had. If he kept acting the way he was we would be forced to leave. Most of the guys wanted to try and go back to Cooma, check on their parents. I could hardly care less, my parents would be home like they always were and if the situation here was anything to go by they would be gone. 

The situation confused me, like everyone. I guess i started thinking of true implications first out of all of us, no-one else had started talking of how we wouldn't live through it. If anywhere in the world was like this the army should be coming soon to fight the corpses off. But here the army would be caught up with "important" people. Once they were finished with that, only then would we be saved. Until that happened we had to look out for ourselves. But deep inside, somehow i knew it was worse, but i wasn't going to start telling the others that.

Walking into the house i pulled together the guys and started in muted conversation. " Sam got hit today because we don't have anyone watching our backs. from now on, if you want to go somewhere, you go with someone. Even if it is just to get firewood from the side of the house or to check out the door. No-one will be alone, if you don't like it you could end up like Sam, or worse. Furthermore, we are going to set up a sentry. Two people get on the roof of the house or sheep shed or something and keep a lookout for corpses." When the silence broke it was from one of the girls who noticed us in our small group. " What the hell are you guys doing over there? we need to help Sam! he is losing a lot of blood!" When no-one moved i asked Jayden " what have you done to the wound" When he shook his head i stepped forward and knelt in front of the fire. "You" i pointed at Pete "put pressure on the wound, Jess! go and hold Sam's hand, he needs you" As i said all this, my mind hardly even moving at all simply heeding the task at hand "Jayden!, you did first aid. Could you stop the bleeding?" " yeah i think" " Okay then", i stuffed the poker in the fire and turned to jayden, turned to a look of horror in his eyes. " You don't cauterise it!" he said yanking the poker out of the fire. As the poker came out it took with it a few hot coals, bouncing across the carpet. A few seconds of frantic stamping and a quick bucket of water managed to fix the problem Harry would be insanely mad when he found out i thought Jayden just said "i will take care of this."

Watching from the doorway, standing clear in-case someone had to enter or leave i witnessed the whole thing. With people in my way, mostly all i saw was the blood pooling on the floor whenever it dripped before it could be caught in a bucket or something else. After an hour or so, i lost track of time but it took forever to fix Sam up. When Jayden finished and turned around he was covered in blood. It didn't seem like a person could have so much blood in them, let alone lose it all in one go. The only thing not covered in spatterings of blood were his eyes. From beneath the blood mask they looked scarily contrasted, a small pit of difference in colour from the endless red over him.

"I dont know whether i helped him, but i did what i could." A sudden flash of nausea crossed Jaydens face and he fell towards the floor. I strode forward and caught his rather bulky frame in my arms, stopping his fall and allowing him to sleep unhindered.

The End

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