John - chapter 4Mature

As Harry walked off I picked myself off the ground, steadying myself against the wall as Jayy ran over to Harry with a stunned look on his face. As i spat a small globule of blood from my mouth I heard Jayy say "Ok Harry I can understand that, he was being a dick, but we cant keep on getting angry with each other. We don't know how long this will last, for all we know it could be worldwide. until the army come we need to work together as best we can. Remember all those plans we made for terrorist attacks on the school? Could be this will be a massive scale of that. We need to keep our cool."
Hearing this set me off. Harry was always the type of guy who claimed to have no soul and not give if he killed someone. I was never like that and killing those ... whatever they were had changed me, here I was trying to hold on to my sanity. "Fraying ends of sanity", I muttered the short song lyric under my breath. Pulling my new gun around from my back were it hung on its strap I aimed at Harry. As I was about to take the shot I saw my family standing around the two teenagers blocking my shot. Wiping my eyes I found Harry's dog Shadow sitting at my feet. Bending over I patted the dog forgetting Harry. 

Walking onto the back porch of the house I found everyone else except Jess and Sam. Taking the silent queue I walked everybody outside rubbing my sore shoulder on the way. Once outside I saw the three bodies that someone had mentioned earlier. Their faces obscured by the soft darkness falling over the farm on the hill. I realized that if three got in unnoticed more could as well. Just as that thought occured to me I heard a yell. It sounded like Jayy, straight after there was a gunshot and another shout, this time cursing.

The End

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