John - chapter 3Mature

The drive back to Harry's was tense. After checking that Sam and his brother were fine nobody had a word to say. Staring straight ahead I occasionally heard a rasping breath  and scratching on the 4wd but didn't see a thing ... I was in my own world remembering my innocence of yesterday. I had just killed people ... they were people. I don't think they could be counted as people anymore. That thought gave me some comfort. 

The drive was mercifully short, but it still felt like a lifetime. Approaching the house jess sprinted to the car, Tyler slammed the brakes before he hit her. Flinging the door open Sam jumped out and into her arms speaking soothing words as she sobbed her relief into his shoulder. 

Spreading out guns and ammo in a pile in the sheep shed we counted 12 guns total. 8 rifles, 4 shotguns and whatever Harry had.  splitting out ammo rifles got 20 rounds each and shotguns 33. 
All of Sam's stuff distributed we took the spare one and its ammo to the house and found girls already holding guns Harry having handed them out earlier. Jess, Bid, Helena and CJ all had guns. Walking through the door I tossed the spare gun and ammo to the group of girls and let them decide who got it themselves. 

Harry who stood in the kitchen looked out and saw us returned. The sight of Harry in the kitchen would have been comical had it not been for the shade of red in his face and his shaking with anger. He screamed at us "You went to Bredbo to save him!? You all risked your pitiful lives to save that?! You didn't even take guns with you! i had to give them to the girls here when they demanded to go looking for you all!" a moment of silence passed as Harry simmered down "you could have got everyone killed today ... we haven't even started this shit yet" he put away the sandwich he had made and shuffled off out of the house. Looking in his eyes the whole time i had felt almost the full heat of his rage, justified as it was he had worded it very badly and Jess looked torn between going out and shooting Harry with her newfound gun and breaking down into tears. Seeing Sam go to jess me and Jayden decided at the same time to make sure Harry was fine. 

Heading outside we found him setting up some farm gear i had no idea about. Trying to make light of the situation as was my speciality I said " hey Harry ... you must be real pissed ... you left food behind " Stepping up to me he looked me in the eyes for two seconds, enough time for my smile to dissapear. 
One second i was standing the next the world was spinning and i found myself on my chest coughing out dirt and blood. 

The End

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