Jayden- Chapter 4Mature

"Are you sure?" John said quietly, he'd been the first to come down. Tyler was still looking for Pete, I guessed.

"The gain outweighs the risk here, mate." I looked up at him, an axe in each hand, we'd found them in the tray of one of Harry's cars, "Think about it, he knows his shit and his place has got a fuckload of guns. Not to mention, if we don't bring him back we'll have a depressed Jess on our shoulders." I gestured to her retreating form.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right, but what if we find him dead?" 

I didn't look back at him, I didn't want to consider that option. "Well, then, atleast she'll have some closure."

"Should we get Harry to come with us?"


"Why not?"

"Several reasons," I glared at him. "Because he hates Sam, you should've heard the way he spoke about him Yesterday. He'll think this whole idea is ridiculous and pointless and try to stop us." I paused, just to it sink in. "And, I'm not going to ask him for help."

"Fair enough." 

An awkward silence fell over us, broken only when the two others arrived, sweating and short of breath. I filled them in, and handed Pete one of my axe's and John handed one of his too Tyler.


The four of us were piled into Tylers Toyota Hilux, it was hot and we were all nervous as hell.

"Ready?" breathed Tyler.

"Lets do it." I glanced at him, he was at the wheel and we were parked on the highway bridge just outside of Bredbo. The town was swarming with unnatural movement. He slammed the accelerator down, spinning the wheels and sending us tearing through the town.

It took less than a minute, and only three road kills (If killing something that's already dead counts as a roadkill) before we pulled up out the front of Sam's place. There was only one of them nearby, more were shambling up the street, but we had time.

John was the first out of the car, and with one swing cleaved the dead-mans skull not so cleanly in half. By the time he'd wrenched his weapon out of the corpse we'd already vaulted Pete over the chained fence into Sams yard.

It felt like hours before I heard any sound of life from the far side of the fence, but when we did, it was all action. Pete, Sam and one his younger brother threw open the gate- all carrying bundles of various hunting rifles. Into the car the guns went, soon followed by the rest of us. The Dead were almost on top of us now, at a guess I'd say we had ten seconds when we finally made our escape.

We looped the crowd by driving the far way around the block, but I was just glad my nerve had held... I'd had my doubts.

The End

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