Jayden- Chapter 3Mature

Harry could think what he want, thinking I was superior because I'd had relationships? Ha! My relationships haven't been anything to brag about. But, I wasn't going to dwell on friendship issues with Harry, the world was collapsing around us, our little haven shelter on the farm wasn't going to last forever, I'd spent all of the night after chatting with Harry discussing with John what we should do.

Theoretically, it wasn't hard, these things ate flesh, obviously they'd run out of food eventually and spread out looking for more, but that was a long time off- at the moment my more pressing problem was a tear-streaked, red eyed Jess. It was dawn now, and no sign of Sam, another building was burning in Bredbo.

"Please Jay, we have to go get him. We have to!" despite her best efforts, more tears rolled down her cheek. I pulled her in for a hug, honestly, I didn't know if Sam would still be alive. He'd always seemed like he could handle himself, no doubt, but Harry knew him better than any of us did.

"Okay." I sighed into her tangled mess of hair. "Okay." She burst out in tears again; over her shoulder I saw Tyler walking past, he seemed down, shoulders slumped and head hung low kicking his feet in the dust.

I called out to him, he looked up instantly, as if broken out of a trance. "Grab Pete and John, find something we can use as weapons. We're gonna go get Sam." 

He nodded and ran off back up the farm to the old shed. "Okay." I sighed again.

The End

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