John - Chapter 2Mature

Me and tyler left the hospital each with one of the smaller guys leaning on a shoulder. Me and tyler were two of the biggest guys in the group back then, and able to take up a lot of the slack.
Reaching the parking lot we ran into the group and piled into cars even more crowded than before the crash.

Reaching Rotary oval the group spilled out of the cars and we sat to wait for Jayden.
When the car pulled up on the road we told him to go round to the carpark area. Once he pulled up i saw a distressed felicity in the passenger seat. She got out and nearly tripped over her own shoes when she saw lewis with a bandage on his head. As the couple embraced i walked over to Jayden and informed him of the situation "We need to get out of this place, if what i saw is anything to go by those ... ths things will be everywhere, and soon." As Jayden pulled out a few things from the back seat of his car he threw it into one of the next cars and said "hey i got some spare seats, you guys seem like you would be squished with one car missing."

I turned to Jayden and said" hey what about Harry's? he has a nice farm, we could defend it ... i mean they only seem to be humans." When everyone agreed to this i called up Harry on Jayden's phone telling him we would be there in like half an hour or so and what had happened at the hospital. i could imagine the look of glee on his face when i told him we might be able to kill shit.

The End

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