John - Chapter 1Mature

Two cars, flying down the highway at 100 kph filled to the brim with teenagers. Rounding the corner they came upon a long straight stretch in the road. Halfway down a person shambled into the center of the left lane.
Swerving violently to the right the lead car skidded sideways, drifting into a paddock off the side of the road. As the driver of the second car began to react by breaking hard the first car hit a steep bank and began to flip towards the right side.
As the first car flipped quickly off to the side of the road the second car skidded to a slow halt, just in the first car's path. The first car, still retaining most of its momentum slammed into the left side of the second car hard nearly knocking over the second car. Landing next to the  second car the first car ended up on its side in the middle of the road.
As the people in the front seats scrambled out through the windscreen the two in the back seat sat unconscious, held up solely by seat belts. 

At the hospital the two from the back woke almost in unison. Peter and Lewis, both great friends obviously attuned to each others injuries. As this took place the nurse in the room rushed over to check vital signs. The two looked at each other and recalling the crash smiled madly and began laughing hard, until of course the nurse told them to lay still until she had given them a proper checkup. 

Sitting in a seat just across from the two I looked over, and the two had a moment when they saw my face that they knew this was serious, no taking the piss out of this adventure... Shit just got real.
When they asked what had happened I told them everything from my view in the front seat. Of course the two had been having a lovely chat in the backseat while I was gripping my seat in terror as the ... thing. I don't know what else you could call it, walked right into the road.
I think it was only through Tyler's driving that we didn't kill whatever it was.

Pulling Peter's iPhone out of my pocket (I had found it lying on the road a few meters away from the car). Handing it over once the nurse had left the room I said "Call Jayy, we don't want him traveling all the way up to the coast only to find us still in Cooma." 

As Peter put the phone to his ear a piercing scream filled the air. I got up to discover the source, and as I poked my head around the corner I saw what appeared to be a dead person, but walking! It looked exactly like the thing Tyler had swerved to avoid. As it saw a nearby nurse running away it chased after her and cornered her in the desk area and began munching on her raised arm.

As I went back inside I drew the curtain and told the two what I'd just seen. Peter, halfway through a conversation with Jayden told him of the newest news. I had already got a plan in my head by then, i don't know how or why but i knew where we needed to go. Telling Peter to hand over the phone I told Jayden to pack as if for a long camping trip and meet us at Rotary Oval in town with his good four wheel drive.

The End

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