The day they came.

Quite simply, the story of an alien invasion.

There was no war. War would imply that there was a conflict, with losses on both sides, a semi even fight.
Instead, it was an invasion, an occupation by force of seemingly omnipotent power.

Our scientists and astronomers were the first to be aware of them. They saw a light in the sky, that hadn't been there before. The military were alerted, governments informed. Soon, even amateur stargazers could see that there was a new star in the night sky, and it was moving!. The clamp down on the media coverage didn't last more than a day. It couldn't. After a week, the light could be seen in the daytime too.

It was thought, and hoped, that the object was a comet.

The religious groups saw it as everything from the coming of God, to the end of the world. Then you had the people who for years had claimed alien abduction. There were the different groups in groups: 'They will be friendly/they will be warlike/they will ignore us'.

It was when the object got close enough to be seen that it wasn't a comet, that it was in fact a ship of some kind, that the panic set in. There were mass suicides from some extreme religious factions. Other people turned to religion for guidance. Riots. The world economy went into free fall. In the media, all other news suddenly became trivial. Crime and sport suddenly were ignored. The only things that mattered were the hypothetical answers to the questions on everyone’s lips.

Farfetched theories of what they would look like, what their intentions would be.

For almost three months, the world watched as the light grew brighter as it got closer.

Most people tried to get on with their lives, trying to put the fact that it was happening to the back of their mind.

Finally, there could be no hiding from it though. Six months after the first amateur astronomer spotted the light, it could be seen for what it was as it settled into orbit around the planet.

A massive ship, many miles wide. Large enough to be seen as a smudge with the naked eyes in the daylight sky.

It was reported by the media, that all attempts to communicate with the aliens had been unsuccessful.

It happened when I was out shopping, of all things. An announcement over the P.A. system that the military had been put on full alert, as the large alien ship had started to split into smaller ones, which were headed into the atmosphere.
It was something like out of a sci-fi film. Mass panic, all over again. Trying to get home as quick as possible, looking up at the sky to see if you could see anything. All that could be seen though, were our military aircraft flashing across the sky. People in the the capital cities were leaving in droves. I was glad I lived in a town, out in the countryside.

We knew something was very wrong when all the radio and television channels stopped broadcasting. The cellular communication networks went next. In less than ten minutes, we had gone back into the dark ages.
Then the power went off, with a flicker.

People were out on the road, outside. Rumours and flat out lies were everywhere.
I decided to go up to the hill overlooking the town, to see if I could see anything.

I wasn't the only one who thought of doing that. The hillside was packed. The scary thing was, we were all silent. Even the wildlife seemed to be quiet.

After an hour of sitting there, someone asked if anyone else could see the cloud on the horizon. Like a wave, we all looked in the same direction. Off in the distance, over what we knew with a sickening realisation, was a large dark smear in the sky above what would be our capital, many miles away.
The noise of military aircraft, at full speed, came up like thunder. They were going flat out, and were down low in the valley. Behind them, were craft unlike we had ever seen before. As I tried to figure out if they were being chased or not, all doubt was cast aside. There was a flash, a smoke trail, and suddenly there was one less of our military aircraft as it was lost in an explosion. The wreckage tumbled along the valley floor, then the boom of noise hit us. People screamed in terror, and we lost sight of the pursuit as it went up the valley further.
We heard more explosions though...

When the alien craft was first spotted, I had started to 'stockpile' canned foodstuffs, bottles of water. Friends had called me stupid, for emptying my bank accounts, and buying things like toiletries. One room of my home was now like a store room.
That was where I went now, wanting to hide.

By the time night fell, it was chaos.

The sky was seemingly full of the little alien craft. I had once said to a friend that if they were hostile, then places like population centers, main bridges etc, would be targets.

I hated being right. All the bridges in the area were destroyed. In one horrific twenty minute period, the entire area seemed to be targeted. Bridges, main roads, all were targeted and destroyed. People were unable to get home.
It would be the first of many sleepless nights.

During the night, the cries of the wounded were mixed with the sounds of their craft overhead. Explosions were heard, both near and far.
By dawn, it was all over.

In less than twelve hours, we had been conquered.

The alien ground troops made their presence known. People fleeing from the larger cities, were bringing news. Their weapons seemed to be unstoppable, their vehicles were impregnable. Our military was in full retreat, in complete disarray or so it seemed. The hardest part was trying to filter the myth and rumour from the truth and the fact.
The one vein of commonality, in everything we heard, was the fact that they were ruthless. Anyone showing the slightest resistance were instantly killed. Indiscriminate attacks killed thousands. When our troops tried to surrender, they were killed.

Within a week, there was nothing we could do. We were a beaten race. We were rounded up, put into camps. Our military and government were dismantled.

When the first aliens were seen, we were horrified. They were gruesomely ugly. They needed to wear some sort of breathing apparatus in our air. They were cruel in the extreme. There was no care for our elderly or young. Wounded were left to fend for themselves. The aliens seemed to enjoy random acts of violence. You could be just stood there, and suddenly be beaten for no reason. I lost a lot of good friends like that.
The stories of what they did on the invasion day started to spread. They had attacked without warning. The large ships had used some sort of signal to disrupt the communications and radio transmissions. Within minutes, the loss of all communication was seen to be the signal for the attack. Missiles fired from the large ships, destroyed the capitals, and then the places like military bases, major factories.
Where the information about them came from, we weren't sure. They had poisoned their planet, with toxins, plundering its resources until it was a wasteland. And now they had come to our planet, to do the same.
We were the one thing that stood in the way.

It was a surgical strike from a warlike race, who knew exactly what they were doing. Kill with no mercy.

We accepted that we were beaten, and we were now occupied by a ruthless race who would be able to do anything they wanted to a beaten foe, who never knew we were at war.

If our race survive, we will never forget the day that the alien race called Humans from the planet Earth arrived and showed us no mercy.

The End

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