It was the end of a very stressful day. Delorfinde Mairim Telcontar was hunched in a corner of the TARDIS, holding a notebook. She hoped that the Doctor would not see her. He was stressed out and irritated, not liking being disturbed. Hopefully that meant his mind was not on her ... but she could never be sure.

Where was Alli? Delorfinde looked around but could not see her friend anyway. She couldn't have gone far. Maybe she was in the library. That seemed perfectly normal.

Satisfied that she was not being watched, Del opened the notebook and started to write a diary entry for the day.


Well, I guess it all makes sense now. All those strange comments on my work, from someone with a blank profile that never replied to messages. All those friendly ratings without a comment or any feedback ... it all makes sense.

I suppose you don't know what I'm talking about. The Doctor. That's what - or should I say who? - I'm talking about. He Protagonizes, you see. Alli and I only found out today, but it's true. He's addicted to Protagonize, just like the rest of us.

Well. I never expected that. I'm here on the TARDIS, another thing I never expected it. But Vogons - did I say that today was rather unexpected? - just destroyed the Earth and he rescued Alli, who in turn pleaded for my rescue. Rather sweet, really. I just wish we had managed to save some of the others. Spook, perhaps, and Elo.

Mind you, I think Spook would probably blow up the TARDIS again. She's that kind of person.

Anyway, I've just found out that the Doctor reads my stories. The Doctor. As in, Doctor Who? Oh, never mind. Obviously, you don't watch enough English TV. But yeah. He reads my work.

Well, very weird day then.

I'd better go and find Alli. She's probably lost.


Del closed the book. It was hard enough to write that much. Her thoughts were jumbled and confused. She was not even sure she knew what was going on any more.

One thought, however, remained.

It's gone. The Earth is gone.

The End

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