Even the Doctor Protagonizes...

The Vogan ships emitted some kind of light and then the Earth just vanished into a million sparks. Alipix turned and sat down hard on the floor.

"So what happens now?" she gasped. "I must be dreaming, Del you're right, this is a bad dream."

Del shook her head. "I don't think so Alipix, I think this is real, we wouldn't be dreaming the same thing now would we?"

Alipix thought about it for a while and then she nodded. "I suppose..."

"Ok Doctor." she stood up and walked towards him pointing a finger at him "You're going to explain yourself!"

"Oooh no. No no no no. I don't have to explain anything to you...to either of you! You know it all already!" he backed away with his hands up and sat down at his computer.

"I really want to strangle you right now." Alipix said through gritted teeth before turning to Del. "Del I'm going to go all psycho and 'Scarecrow West' on him now in a minute."

The Doctor looked up from his computer. "Scarecrow? From SCIT?"

Alipix paused, confused. "Er, yes....how do you...?"

"Oh I don't know anything really." he interrupted her and she went a little red in the face.

"You have to be the most irritating person I have ever met!" she scolded and he grinned happily. "Thank you!"

"That wasn't a compliment." she grumbled.

"How's Kian doing Del?" he asked cheerfully and Del looked confused. "From LORD?"

"No from the street to the left of the house down the road.... of course from LORD!"

Del and Alipix were beginning to dislike his sarcasm and they looked at each other in evident confusion and then at him in disdain.

Suddenly it clicked and Del pointed a finger at him. "He follows our stuff on Protagonize!!" she cried.

Alipix's jaw dropped and the Doctor had the good grace to look embarrassed. "Er... is yes the right answer here?" he scratched the back of his head and looked everywhere except at the two of them.

Alipix looked at Del. "Wow, even the Doctor protagonizes!"


The End

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