"Sure," said the Doctor, and dug around for a while in a box before retrieving the shoes. "Sorry, I should have warned you that we were in for a bit of a ride ... I guess those aren't really the best clothes for a long journey."

"Duh," said Alli. "Anyway, what's your story?"

"I came to rescue you..." The Doctor seemed puzzled. "That's all there is to it. Look, I'm sorry it was so ... rushed. I didn't want to 'abduct' you but it would have taken too long to explain and you would never have listened."

"Too right," Alli told him. "But what about Del? She's down there on Earth: she'll be destroyed like everyone else! We can't leave her there!"

"I daresay she'll be okay," said the Doctor vaguely. "However, if you insist..." He pulled a few levers, typing coordinates into the computer.

"Why?" said Alli suddenly, looking at him.

"Why what?" he replied, not returning her gaze.

"Why did you rescue me? You don't even know me."

The End

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