The Day The Doctor Abducted Me

So one day, Alipix was innocently minding her own business when the Doctor shows up in his TARDIS, crushes the brand new flowerbed and decides to abduct her, rescue Del and fly off into space.

Alipix yawned and stretched out in the sun lounger. "Gosh this sunshine is lovely!" she remarked as she picked up her laptop and typed merrily away on her latest SCIT chapter on Protagonize. "Ooh Del is online!" she noticed and she opened a separate window to say hello to her friend.

Just as she had sent the greeting a shadow fell over her and she looked up, startled.

"Oh my gosh it's the TARDIS!" she  screeched as a large blue box appeared directly in her sunlight, smashing down onto the brand new flowerbed and destroying the wall she had only just recently finished.

"You'd better pay for that!" she yelled angrily as she stood up and almost fell over her loose fitting flip flops.

Alipix stuffed her laptop and towel into her bag, closing it with a snap and a flash of bad temper.

Just then the door of the TARDIS burst open and the Doctor ran out, threw her over his shoulder, grabbed her bag and ran back into the TARDIS.

"PUT ME DOWN!! ASSAULT!! HELP!!!" she screeched as he shut the door and dumped her on the floor. "Shut up! I have exactly fifteen minutes to get the hell out of here before Earth blows up!!"

"WHAAAT??!" she cried as she jumped to her feet. "But, but...?"

"No buts!" said the Doctor. "The Vogans have scheduled destruction and it will be done. NO BUTS!!"

The TARDIS took off with a shudder and Alipix sat back down on the floor in total shock.

"Do you have a spare pair of converse by any chance?" she asked after a while. "These flip flops are doing my nut in!"

The End

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