Once upon a time there lived a woman, a resident in Longbridge Lodge called Soda Walters who  had a grudge against Billy Tableman, another resident in Longbridge Lodge, the same home in which Soda lived. It was noticeable when she passed the man and gave him nasty looks then made a slight hissing noise at him.

What was the reason for this grudge?

The answer:


The woman Soda Walters was one of Billy Tableman’s neighbours in the support home, Longbridge Lodge. She often noticed that the man, Billy Tableman, a resident in Longbridge Lodge, kept on staring at her.
Was it a stare that caused the trouble?

The answer:

“There was more to it than a simple stare.

It just happened that the woman, Soda Walters, a resident in Longbridge Lodge had it in for Billy Tableman – apparently for no reason.

Billy Tableman, a resident in Longbridge Lodge was about to tell one of the staff about the resident, Soda Walters who gave him nasty looks and hissed at him, but decided not to because she had friends inside the support home, and if they found out what Billy Tableman has been up to, telling tales about Soda, they would have a go at him.

The End

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