The Day Microsoft Died.

This story is meant to be serious & humorous, its funny because its so hard to Believe, but anyway it got me a B grade in GCSE English at School. Here in the UK grades are much different the average here is a C grade, anything higher is classed as above average, I'll probably post some A grade stuff when I find it.


It was August 2015 about 4 years earlier Microsoft had blackmailed the US government & the government surrendered, this now allowed Microsoft total control of the United States. Many people feared Microsoft. I was a Mac user now in a Microsoft controlled world, a punishment if found out would cause certain death. Many Mac users lived on Hawaii away from the corruption. Steve Jobs of course was our leader, I lived in a large Mansion south of Honolulu. 


Over in American people were starving in the streets, Microsoft were spending money on failed projects. People were been locked in cadges. Everywhere you turned all you saw was corruption & ruined cities. 


I wanted to change all this, I decided to setup a meeting with the surviving board members of Apple. We was going to get rid of Microsoft how ever possible. I showed Steve The movie V for Vendetta. he said “we should blow the Main campus up with explosives”, but how that was the problem. Me, Steve Jobs, my parents and the other board members went in search for fireworks and explosives. We found some eventually. The place was happy to accept Steve’s money. They said to us, “blow up that scum company”. The next problem was getting over to Redmond. 


We decided we would fly in using a disused Aloha Airways Boeing 727. We took off later that night from Hilo Intl. It took several hours for us to arrive at what was left of Seattle Intl. No planes had taken off in at least 4 years. We decided to switched off all the aircraft lights. So we wouldn’t be seen, only the computers from the controls in the cockpit were illuminating the aircraft. We then did a risky move at switching off the engines at 5,000 feet. The plane touched down almost silently. Even tearing down the runway, it was clear no one had used the Airport in years, it was just rotting away. 


Once we came to a complete stop we needed to get a certain vehicle, one of Steve’s insiders who lived in the Area had left a metallic black 18 wheeler truck for us in the parking lot. We found it quickly due to its massive size. We drove it into the Airport and loaded it up with all the fireworks and explosives and two cannons, from the aircrafts cargo hold. 


We then set off for Redmond. When visiting Seattle way back in 2006, I had seen on a sign a Metro system for the Microsoft campus. It would defiantly be disused. Microsoft had banned all the busses and transit systems in the US, this world seemed to resemble what George Orwell,  thought 1984 being like only many years late.


Dawn was breaking and we had ended up in what appeared to be a totally abandon section of the city. We were looking around for the main station, then we saw it. We accelerated towards the massive boarded up front, smashing straight through the boarded up glass. We smashed through some metal scaffolding, and ended up in the main station lobby.


I Jumped out of the truck and everyone followed. The station was pitch black, only being illuminated gently with the the lights from the truck. I walked up the rusting escalator looking for a maintenance office. I found it in minutes, pulling the massive lever for the circuit breaker switch, there was a loud groan and clicking noise. 


Then the station came alive, cheap sounding elevator music began playing then all the lights flashed on.


We walked down onto the station platform, wheeling the explosives in some luggage carts. We got them onto the train, then transported it to the Microsoft campus station. There had been a station installed right below the entrance. 


Once we arrived, we linked all the explosives together, We set timers onto the fireworks and buckets of C-4. It would go off at bang on mid night to night. The train was all set now. We needed to hack into the speaker system for the city. There was over 4,000 outside speakers on buildings and mounted on lamp posts. The main control center was located at the Seattle space needle. I drove the massive 18 wheeler truck myself, which was quite hard since I was use to driving smaller things. I skidded around on the road, my parents where in the Redmond area. 


I then skidded onto Broad Street, seeing the massive structure ahead of us. In its day it would of looked breathe taking, but now it had been painted in Microsoft's corporate colors & ruined. This command center controlled pretty much everything. There was only two people in the building at anyone time. On the roof of the truck, a Machine gun had been fitted onto it. Steve Jobs open fired, Shooting at the two guards. I slammed on the trucks breaks, we slammed forward. I shouted “Oh my god, were gonna die”. Then it came to a halt about 1 foot from the base of the Space Needle. I gave a sigh of relief. All we had to do here was get a satellite linkup to my Macbook. Once a connection was established, we would be in. The large  flat panel screens across the United States went blank. I used Alex voice from Mac OS X and up popped an Apple logo on the screens. I announced everyone to wait at the gates of Microsoft campus. No one knew what would be happening.


Finally 5 minutes to mid-night. thousands and thousands of people had flocked at the gates of Microsoft's campus. The force of people overwhelmed the gates, causing them to collapse. I was in the massive 18 wheeler, blowing its horn with all my might. 


We were in the middle of the car park. I announced over the speaker system, DO NOT GET ANY CLOSER TO THE BUILDING. Then My Mac, announced its 12 o’clock. I  pressed enter on the keyboard. The 1812 overture filled the speaker system grandly. Guards began running from all directions as an alarm sounded, from inside. There was nothing they could do accept shoot & run. I pressed enter again, all the front windows exploded into flames. Then when the proper interlude kicked in a mountain of flames and colorful fireworks blasted out. We saw Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates running for there lives, trying to get out the building. When suddenly The massive cannons canisters of C-4 exploded blowing the entrance into small fragments. Everyone clapped and applauded, Microsoft was over & Apple could finally rebuild, the new America. 


No one would ever forget that night & what it meant for this country.

The End

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