The day it rained whale.

A summerization of something I saw on the internet.

The day it rained Whale

You can go out to the internet and find this story and see the video and you just may after you hear my tale of The Day it Rained Whale.

My friend had just shown me Google.

It was the first day the search engine was on the market for use by the general public. He had just left my office leaving me to explore the tool while he continued to spread the word to other colleagues about this new amazing thing – Google. Well it did not take me long to dive in, I started with some basic items – real estate, vacation property, island living, Hawaii, Costa Rica; I just went from link to link exploring all the amazing information that was now accessibleto my finger tips and curious mind. I was in Heaven. I skipped Lunch. Several hours later I found a story about a whale with a video. Video, this was new; I had not yet seen video all morning.

And here is where the tale begins.

In my office I was memorized. The reporter was talking about a dead whale, which had washed up on the city beach, and was starting to rot and reek. The whale was near a small town and the smell was wafting across the downtown area and the local homes. This being a rural area the town was being patient and hoping a high tide would wash the whale away. However to their dismay, each high tide pushed the dead whale further up the beach ensuring it was not going to go away anytime fast. Now mind you this is not a small fish, this is an 80 ton Blue Whale which was migrating up the Pacific Coast and had either gotten lost, or sick, or other; and it had washed up on this small town’s city beach.

The residence could not take it, he smell was tremendous, and it seeped into closed up houses and cars, into basements, up attics and across farmland. A tractor could not move the whale – with the sand and weight of the animal it was impossible. Discussions started ab0ut needing to carve it up and tow it back to sea. However, no one wanted to dissect an 80 ton Blue whale that had been rotting for almost two weeks.

Then the town Sherriff got a bright idea. He could use the Dynamite in his arsenal. If he carefully placed the dynamite, he informed the town, he could blow the whale into small pieces that would easily be washed to the sea or scavenged by seagulls and other beach scavengers. Thus he would save the town from the ugliness and retched smell that they had still not come accustomed to; and which was permeating their
hair, clothing, and sleep.

The secret got out. Up and down the coast people had heard about the whale, and they decided to come see the attraction of the whale being blown up and washed out to sea. Perhaps they wanted to celebrate the removal too? The story got the interest of a local television news crew who also showed up and captured the video and narrated for me the rest of the story and captured the video I am about to describe.

The crowd was kept back 100 yards for safety while the Sherriff and his crew carefully placed the dynamite in strategic locations inside the 80 ton Blue Whale. It took some time, and the crowd grew. People parked wherever they could to secure a view of this whale, they expected a good show. It is not every day in a small town or up and down the Oregon Coast that you get to see a Blue Whale blown up with dynamite – the beach was full of spectators.

Finally the Sherriff completed his task. He moved a few bi-standers who had crept in closer back to the safe distance and announced that he was ready to detonate. A small count down and one large explosion later all hell broke loose. The Whale was blown to bits. Some bits so small it was literally raining blubber, guts, rot, and other whale parts for up to a half mile diameter. People ran, people screamed, the Whale
was coming down everywhere!

The Dynamite blew big chunks too. Luckily none of these larger pieces hit the people like the small bits did, but a few, rather large pieces did fly far enough to hit a few cars causing mass destruction, destroying the unlucky vehicles that parked in the wrong spot, or the right spot to receive a ton of whale blubber from a half mile away.

It rained whale guts for half a minute. The town was devastated again. All the citizens from the town and up and down the coast were coated in whale blubber with a few having to walk home instead of driving. I am sure that eventually the blubber washed off, the cars got repaired, and all the guts disappeared. In fact I believe the smell of the rotting carcass eventually wafted away. But I know for sure, that no one who was there that day will ever forget the day it rained Whale.

The End

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