The Day I Walked Through The Door To My Kitchen And Found Myself In An Alternate Universe

One day Eleanor Lynch went into her kitchen to make breakfast, only to find herself in an alternate universe. Stuck in another world she must find a way to return to her home... before it's too late!

My day started off like any other. I had walked into my kitchen expecting to make myself a piece of toast before my parents woke up, only to find myself in a place that was absolutely not my kitchen. I gazed around me in shock as my eyes tried to take in rolling hills of bright green grass, with stalks swaying softly in the warm breeze, such as you only ever see in movies or travel brochures. Cautiously, I took a few steps, in case it was just a hallucination and I would soon find myself bumping into the kitchen table. Clumsily I stumbled and rolled all the way down the small hill. I gasped, entirely convinced now that this was in no way a hallucination.

"I must find a way to get home" I said aloud, to no person in particular, "School will be starting in a few hours and I musn't be late."

The End

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