The day I say goodbye...

Last thought

   I won't cry, I won't care if I'm all alone, I'll be smiling while falling asleep for the very last time. My last day to laugh, to run until my heart is on fire, to feel the sun on my white cold skin, my last day to feel alive, to be alive... It's fine, I'm not scared. Why would I?

   I'll be safe and sound somewhere far, far away dreaming, smiling. The perfect escape from this life. My soul will leave this world with no sorrow, I'll exchange the reality for the never ending dream that will give me shelter. My wings will spread and I will fly through the darkness until I can finally reach the light.

   But it won't be that easy, isn't it? At that very moment all the emotion will take control over me... pain, sadness, anger and more. The tears won't stop falling down my face and the words will be just sounds, fading sounds that will be forgotten. I don't want to be a memory, I don't want to spread my wings, I don't want to smile and I... I... don't want to go... 


The End

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