The blinding sunlight tore through the Boy, as he stumbled through a doorway to a new world. The dazzling shimmers filled his vision for what seemed like hours, a film of blinding white. When the glimmers slowly subsided, and his eyes adjusted to the newfound light, the Boy opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was colour. Colours so vibrant and intense that they took his breath away. And sound, a swishing of the wind on his skin, a river trickling by, and trees whistling steadily. After living so long in a dark pit, the world outside was..well, pretty intense. Sky the colour of water, and long grass billowing in the least he thought it was what they called "grass". As he struggled to take in the sights- trees, grass, sky, water- he heard a sound next to him. Like, a swishing sound, metallic sliding over something, smooth and yet grinding. A cold point pressed into the back of his skull, and a large gauntletted hand wrenched itself in his hair.

The unknown hand pulled backwards sharply, twisting the boys head backwards until it was horizontal, and thw Boy looked up upon a shiny spiked helmet, with a black void hiding away inside. The sound happened again, and the Boy felt a wave of chill shiver through his body, freezing at his centre. The thing holding the boy moved slowly towards him, emitting an ear piercing scream. The Boy felt like his head had been smashed apart, his every atom exploding all around him. The sky turned red, the ground burnt and shrivelled at his feet, and his agony burnt away at everything around him, a tremendous screech leaving his lips. Just as the Boy felt sure he was dead, and this was some sort of Hellish underworld, the creature stopped shrieking. It emitted an almost moan, before it's helmet slid through the air, smashing the Boy hard on the temple, completely knocking him out.

The End

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