The Day I Met The Sun

Ever wondered what would happen if light met something that that been in the dark for as long as is memorable? The Boy has survived in the blackness of the Cave, but when People come to the Cave, the Boy must adapt to a new life in the sun above his head.

The Day I went To The Sun

When all you see is darkness for about 17 years, your eyes adjust to the grim blackness of your surroundings. The pitch dark becomes grey, and everything becomes a monotone blur of drabness. An occasional torch in the moonlight soon becomes suffused by the angry mutterings and whispers of the Lost people, shuffling around the ebon caverns. All you see is...well, nothing. All you hear are shufflings and mutterings, and all you feel is the cold.

Why am I down there? My father was...well...I don't need to go into that at the moment. Let's just say, he did a few things. None of which were good. But hey, back to me. I've been told that there's a world above this cave, away from the damp stench of the rot, and the darkness and the food down here (Try eating just mushroom and mulch rat for your whole life....not much you can do with that, believe me!). But noone comes from the outside any more. Noone.

Until that one day. I was sat in my Area, the space that each person gets given, to sleep and grumble in, when I heard something. Down here the sound echos like CRAZY, so a single tap sounds like what I've heard cannonfire sounds like! So in three taps, the area was completely in chaos. People don't care about each other down here , so children'ws screams were ignored as the adults fought for an exit in the darkness. Then a cataclysmic explosion rocked the cave, and the resulting shockwave was by far the ludest sound I've ever heard. The strain on my eardrums was too much, and the last thing I remember was a series of bangs as the adults started falling.

I came to, the pain in my head throbbing as I drifted in and out of conciousness. Trying to sit up after smacking your head hard on solid ground? Not too fun, so I led on the floor. It shows how far gone I was when I finally realised I could SEE the floor! Light? In the caves? I'd never seen something like that before, ever?? I finally managed to stand up, and shuffled over to the gaping hole in the rocky wall of the caves.  Through the blood, and the humming of the air around me, I managed to see the slope curving above me, lined with bodies, towards a swimming whiteness in the distance. The light completely overtook my conciousness, and I walked forward, like I'd been hypnotised by the milky-white shimmering before me. I walked around the corner, and into the white light of the opening in the cave, charred black in the chaos. I walked forward, blinded by the light, into the sun.

The End

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