The Day I Met Minerva


Minerva was known to the Romans as the virgin goddess of wisdom, poetry, and war. She was both beautiful and powerful, springing from her father’s mind fully clad in warrior’s armor and ready to fight. Talk about your migraine.

Minerva Baines fit that bill pretty well. I had no idea whether or not she was a virgin as I had only just met her, but if we’re going to worry about technicalities, I really had no idea whether she was wise, poetic, or warlike. The image from the Mythology section of my junior year English class just seemed to fit her. Our first meeting went like this:

  1. I entered the Lodge, the main building on the campgrounds, and the center of all activity that would be occurring that summer.
  2. Someone called my name and I stopped to look around.
  3. The door to the girls bathroom, which I just happened to be standing right in front of, flew open with surprising force.
  4. The back of my head became closely acquainted with the floor of the Lodge and the splitting pain that the floor of the Lodge induces when met with a human skull at an unfortunate speed.
  5. An incredibly beautiful girl with cerulean eyes gasped and came to my aid.
  6. I blacked out.

The last thing I remember was her shiny chestnut hair tickling my arm as she kneeled over me, asking if I was okay between apologies.

The End

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